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Merida Kritzinger

Merida Kritzinger

Merida joined the Sales and Marketing team in late 2019. She studied BConsumer Science: Clothing Retail Management at the University of Pretoria, completing her thesis on Consumer Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility. She is currently the Sales & Marketing Manager, working and servicing multiple accounts from across the globe

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How To Optimise Your Assortment For Seasonal Events

By | on 25, Nov 2021 |   Assortment Planning

With the end of the year fast approaching, promotional retail events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Back to School, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are around the corner. These se[...]

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Partner Spotlight: Who Is The Ideal Partner?

By | on 25, Oct 2021 |   Partner Program

Since relaunching our Partner Program in September 2021, we have been on the lookout for category management experts from around the world who want to grow their businesses. Our updated Partner Progra[...]

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Partner Spotlight: How DotActiv Supports Its Partners

By | on 15, Oct 2021 |   Partner Program

In September 2021, we launched a revamped DotActiv Partner Program. We want to invite category management experts who are looking to grow their business to join our partner network with the aim of ser[...]

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How To Use Merchandising to Increase Sales for Your Retail Business

By | on 18, Mar 2021 |   Merchandising Retail Sales

Are you looking to increase sales in your brick and mortar store? Merchandising can have a positive impact on product sales when done effectively. The way in which items are placed strategically in yo[...]

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Category Management: A Guide For Apparel Retailers

By | on 28, Jan 2021 |   clothing retailers apparel retailers

Category management, from the perspective of apparel retailers, looks slightly different than for an FMCG store. There are many reasons why. The fundamental ones are merchandise type and the frequency[...]

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Services Spotlight: Unpacking DotActiv's Complimentary Category Management Services

By | on 27, Oct 2020 |

Category Management is a specialised field, which is why we offer a range of enablement services with our software to ensure that our customers use their software to its fullest capabilities to reach [...]

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COVID-19 and Retail: Has it Changed the Way We Shop?

By | on 30, Sep 2020 |   COVID-19 and Retail

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed how we socialise, work, eat, exercise, and, of course shop. Therefore, the Coronavirus has had an immense impact on the retail industry. To remain competitive and rel[...]

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Services Spotlight: How DotActiv Ensures Data Security

By | on 10, Sep 2020 |   Category Management Services

We have said it before: data is a fundamental pillar of the category management process. As a retailer, it provides you with insight to your stores and product categories down to SKU level. Through th[...]

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Services Spotlight: Strategic Floor Planning Services That Improve Shopper Flow

By | on 13, Aug 2020 |   Category Management Services

Your store floor plan determines how customers shop your store. Either it can leave them feeling confused and frustrated or provide them with a positive shopping experience. In a time where the popula[...]

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Services Spotlight: Tactical Assortment Planning Services For Optimal Category Performance

By | on 06, Aug 2020 |   Category Management Services

Consumer demand is continuously changing as a result of consumer trends, changes in seasons, consumers becoming more knowledgeable, and unforeseen occurrences such as the global COVID-19 pandemic. To [...]

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