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Taryn Morton

Taryn Morton

Sales and Marketing Consultant

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Retail Akumyn From Australia Partners with DotActiv

By | on 18, Sep 2019 |   Press and Company News Partner Program

DotActiv’s partner program exists to ensure that we can best serve our customers from different markets around the world. Our partners provide pre-sales support to prospects wanting to find out more a[...]

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3 Practical Examples of a Data Cube in Action

By | on 14, Aug 2019 |   Data Cubes

Data cubes are used to easily interpret your data. Why? Because instead of analysing large data sets, a data cube represents specific data fields within your database. The benefit of creating a data c[...]

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How to Create Striking Data Visualisations from Data Cubes

By | on 08, Aug 2019 |   Data Cubes

Data visualisations can be described as the representation of information in the form of charts, diagrams or pictures. They are also a powerful way to communicate and share ideas and report on data me[...]

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How a Robust Task Management System Can Help Your Business

By | on 03, Jul 2019 |   Task Management Software

Many businesses are incorporating a Task Management system into their everyday work. This is because businesses are finding it difficult to manage workloads and set realistic deadlines. Businesses als[...]

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5 Reasons To Use Activ8 In Your Retail Business

By | on 21, Jun 2019 |   Team Management Software

Activ8, DotActiv’s team management software, provides businesses with an efficient system to evaluate team performance. Not only does Activ8 measure your team’s performance, it also encourages better [...]

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DotActiv’s Task Management Software Boosts Team Accountability. Here’s How:

By | on 25, Apr 2019 |   Team Management Software Task Management Software

With DotActiv’s Task Management Software, you can create tasks, give full descriptions of what each job entails and ensure its completion on time by setting deadlines. That makes it a powerful tool fo[...]

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Product Spotlight: DotActiv’s Floor Planning Function

By | on 05, Apr 2019 |   Space Planning Software

The Floor Planning function found in DotActiv software is an essential tool for any retail environment. After all, a well-established floor plan encourages shoppers to visit the greatest amount of spa[...]

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Product Spotlight: DotActiv’s Custom Planogram Reporting Function

By | on 28, Mar 2019 |   Space Planning Software

The custom planogram reporting function, available in DotActiv software, allows you to create a reporting template specifically tailored to your reporting needs. You can customise your templates by ad[...]

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Product Spotlight: DotActiv’s Standard Planogram Reporting Functions

By | on 22, Mar 2019 |   Space Planning Software

The Standard Planogram Reporting Functions, available in DotActiv software, provides detailed reports on your products and fixtures. You can view the changes between your current (existing) and propos[...]

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Product Spotlight: DotActiv’s Product Library

By | on 14, Mar 2019 |   Space Planning Software

The Product Library, available in DotActiv software, stores product data such as barcode, brand and description and allows this information to be retrieved by any user at any time during the shelf pla[...]



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