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[Free Ebook] A Definitive Guide to Clustering Algorithms, Methods and Applications

By | on 28, Apr 2020 |   Store Clustering Clustering Methods Clustering Algorithms Cluster Analysis Cluster Profiling Cluster Mapping

Clustering forms part of data mining, which analyses data and transforms it into information that you can understand and use in your retail business. This practice aims to help you to retrieve informa[...]

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Behavioural Clustering 101: Here's What You Need To Know

By | on 13, Feb 2020 |   Store Clustering Cluster Analysis

While understanding consumer behaviour is a complex task, it can allow you to analyse and target your consumers more effectively. You can use this information to cluster your target market based on th[...]

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How To Use Demographic Clustering To Understand Your Customers

By | on 06, Feb 2020 |   Store Clustering Cluster Analysis

If you want to understand, group and profile your customers based on similarities, demographic clustering is an option for you to consider. After all, using the information gathered through this clust[...]

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What is Product Attribute Clustering And Is It Really Worth It?

By | on 30, Jan 2020 |   Store Clustering Cluster Analysis Product Attribute Clustering

Product attributes are the features, quality and design of a product that works together to get your customers to make a purchase. However, little is known about which attributes influence merchandise[...]

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Clustering Algorithms: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

By | on 29, Jan 2020 |   Store Clustering Clustering Algorithms Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis is a technique used in machine learning which groups data points together based on the similarities between them. You can use various clustering algorithms which provide valuable insi[...]

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10 Clustering Methods To Help Adapt Your Range and Space Decisions to Local Demand

By | on 23, Jan 2020 |   Store Clustering Clustering Methods

Effective category-based clustering can help your business to optimise its assortment planning, inventory, and marketing management functions to reap the financial benefits of this exercise. However, [...]

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Why Should Your Store Consider Dynamic Clustering?

By | on 12, Jul 2019 |   Store Clustering

As a modern retailer, you have a unique customer base that you need to understand and target for your business to gain a competitive advantage. That’s where dynamic clustering can help you. It’s an ef[...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cluster Analysis

By | on 24, Jun 2019 |   Store Clustering

In an era of exponentially increasing consumer expectations, a business’s profitability and survival depend upon the effective use of tools such as clustering which integrate the different disciplines[...]

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What Retailers Are Missing Out On By Ignoring Clustering

By | on 05, Jun 2019 |   Store Clustering

If you’re a retailer who has yet to begin or complete a clustering exercise, you’re already at a disadvantage. Why? It’s because of the competitiveness of the retail market. Regardless of if you ignor[...]

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Critical Interdependencies to Consider for Your Cluster Management

By | on 22, May 2019 |   Store Clustering

While it’s all good and well creating clusters for your retail stores, we don’t recommend you do so without understanding the knock-on effect. Why? Because cluster management directly impacts your ass[...]

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