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Food Lover's Market Oils Category Case Study

Food Lover’s Market is a fresh produce and groceries retailer with 128 stores. 

Food Lovers Market Case Study

As a food emporium, Food Lover’s Market is known as the store of choice for multiple categories. This specific case study is about the Oils category, which boasts a variety of both local and imported oils.

With help from DotActiv, Food Lover's Market was able to increase the average sales and unit movement for their Oils category by 147% and 157% respectively.

In this case study, you'll discover the following:

  1. The Challenge Food Lover's Market faced around the Oils category;
  2. The Solution that DotActiv proposed to help them address it;
  3. The Results of implementing data-driven planograms for the Oils category; and
  4. An explanation of how the implemented planograms contributed to the overall improve of the category.

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