You can create basic shelf plans

Learn how to create new gondolas, add products via the SKU function in DotActiv software and work with products and all their properties.

We unpack all the basic functions that will get you up and running with DotActiv software.


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You’ll understand DOS and
how to work with Highlights

Learn how to apply Days of Supply correctly to your planograms and work
with the Highlights Function in DotActiv software.

We show you how you can go about creating data-driven planograms for your business.


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You can configure and run planogram automation

Learn how to add, remove and maintain your packing criteria; add and remove Market, Product and Fact Filters and how to work with the automation settings.

With DotActiv’s planogram function, you can create planograms in seconds.











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You can use standard reports and
customise data visualisations

Learn about DotActiv’s standard reports,
which you can use to better understand your category
performance and create data
visualisations and dashboards specific to your business on DotActiv Academy.