Create Performance Enhancing Planograms With DotActiv

Watch these planogram software videos to learn more about DotActiv's market leading planogram software. 
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#1 Creating Data-driven Planograms
Creating product layouts that are data-driven will improve shelf space performance. In this demo video you will learn the basics of DotActiv's planogram software.
#2 Planogram Automation
There's value in data-driven product layouts but there is no point in excessive manual labour - that is where planogram automation comes in. In this video you will learn how planogram automation can be configured in DotActiv.
#3 Importing and Working With Images in DotActiv
Images make planograms visually appealing and help users get an overall idea of how the gondola will look in store. Watch this video to learn how you can import and manage your images in DotActiv.