Store Promotion Planning Add On

ProPlan is a store promotion planning add-on to StoreCom that will help you facilitate the process of selling promotional space to manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in a way that is mutually beneficial. 

Why Collaborate on Store Promotions:

Retailers get a better return on shelf space through the rentals received from suppliers. Shopper traffic is also boosted because of regular in-store promotions. Retailers usually use this additional income for marketing, new store openings and store revamps. When suppliers invest in a promotion managed by ProPlan, they get prime shelf space for predefined periods of time. Suppliers also gain access to real-time evidence that their products are, in fact, on the shelves that were rented.



What the Store Promotion Planning Add-on Does:

The Store Promotion Planning brings retailers and suppliers together to make better use of in-store promotional space. Suppliers buy prime retail store space for pre-defined periods of time to boost brand exposure and increase in-store sales. ProPlan, integrated with CatMan Enterprise, is fully space aware and makes this lucrative process simple, sustainable and attractive for both retailer and supplier.



Retailer's ROI:


Increased shopper traffic

Improve supplier relations

Gain revenue from suppliers

Simplify the promotion process

Why Suppliers Get Involved:


Brand exposure

Increase in-store sales

Improved retailer relations

> Real time confirmation of implementations