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Learn everything there is to know about DotActiv software before making your purchase.

By requesting free trial of DotActiv Academy  you'll get access to our Software Mastery levels 1 through 6. Here is a summary of what that includes: 

  1. Software Mastery Level 1: Evaluate data in an analytical manner to design assortments, planograms and floor plans;
  2. Software Mastery Level 2: Characterise clustering and implement the methodology;
  3. Software Mastery Level 3: Implement assortment planning which will allow you to build profitable product ranges;
  4. Software Mastery Level 4: Design and critique planograms;
  5. Software Mastery Level 5: Understand the value of a well-thought-out floor plan and the information required to create a floor plan; and
  6. Software Mastery Level 6: Analyse and interpret your retail data both pre- and post planogram. 
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