Why DotActiv's Advisory Consulting?

With DotActiv’s retail advisory consulting, as a retailer, you’ll get access to strategic category management advice to help you improve your category performance and position your business to gain and maintain competitive advantage. For suppliers, this strategic category management advice will help you to improve your product exposure through increased shelf space allocations. You will also gain the advice you need for your organisation to become an indispensable asset to the retailers you supply.





What Do You Get?

We can break our retail advisory consulting into two separate parts, depending on your business needs.

Expert Advice When You Need It

If you need advice on your chosen category strategies as well as how to executive them in-store, we provide you with consultants who can assist you. We can also assist you in choosing the strategies to match the roles you want to follow for each category.

All you need to do is provide us with either the specific problem you want fixing, the opportunity you want to capitalise on, or the questions you want us to answer.

We’ll then consult internally, uncover the insights in your data and present the advice to you in a convenient online format.

Crystalise Your Category Management Vision

If you want to create or crystallise your short, medium and long-term category management vision, we can provide you with a comprehensive category management best practices benchmark evaluation.

We will benchmark your current efforts against our category management best practices - perfected over 20+ years - to help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

The evaluation includes working alongside you to answer key questions about various aspects of your category management functions. Once completed, we’ll document and present to you our suggested short, medium and long-term category management vision for your business.



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Talented People

DotActiv consultants are specialists in their fields and are refreshingly easy to interact with. Highly qualified, experienced, Certified through DotActiv Academy and supported by our pool of expertise so you can be confident that you are dealing with a subject matter expert.


Powerful Software

Our retail advisory services are supported by our proprietary category management software. The software allows us to connect to and report on multiple data sources, build custom dashboards with interactive and visual analytics, and create actionable category reviews to understand the performance of your retail space.

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Convenient Format

Meetings are held through Google Meet’s Video Conferencing. Other communication methods include email, phone calls and Google’s instant chat. All advisory outputs are carefully scrutinised at the highest level of management to ensure strategic clarity, contextual fit and alignment with category management best practices.