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Looking for a retail analytics software solution that enables you to create actionable category reviews? Software that allows you to truly understand your retail space?

After booking your free online exploratory consultation, you can expect us to research and evaluate your unique context. We’ll create a personalised agenda to match your business’ interests, goals and context.

We’ll reach out to you before your consultation to share your personalised agenda. You’re welcome to request any changes or additional points.

We’ll consult with our internal experts to curate and customise conversation points, content, and the presentation so that it’s in line with your personalised agenda. Depending on the outcome of our consultation, we’ll schedule a separate custom advisory consultation to share our proposed recommendations with you.






Turn your Retail Data into Actionable Insights

Take your reporting to the next level by connecting to and reporting on multiple data sources along with your traditional category management reporting. You can also create actional category reviews specific to your business needs.


Report on Multiple Data Sources

Report on Multiple Data Sources

Get actionable insights from DotActiv's category management platform while having the ability to connect to and report on multiple data sources



Build Custom Dashboards

Build Custom Dashboards

With DotActiv software, you can build custom dashboards without constantly relying on help from IT or your Data Analyst.




  • Choose from Interactive Analytics

    Choose from Interactive Analytics

    Choose from a wealth of interactive and visual analytics when building your dashboards. From 3D Pie Graphs to Stacked Bar Graphs, the options are endless.



Create Actionable Category Reviews

Create Actionable Category Reviews

With DotActiv's advanced retail analytics software, you and your team can create powerfully actionable category reviews that are customised to your specific business needs.



Store Layout Analysis

Store Layout Analysis

With all of the valuable information about your space planning efforts available in your retail analytics tool, you and your team can truly understand retail space.


Share Your Insights

Share Your Insights

Impress your colleagues by presenting your data in DotActiv's interactive presenter view. Or go right ahead and securely share your dashboards with other DotActiv users.




"DotActiv’s category management services are amazing. Their consultants always go above and beyond by getting outputs done on time."


Belinda Craig - Trade Marketing Manager at GSK

GSK Testimonial 2021



Proactive Software Account Advisor

We provide all DotActiv Software customers with a dedicated account advisor. Acting as a trusted advisor and category management coach, they’ll manage your day-to-day needs and proactively identify any opportunities to help your business succeed. They’ll also conduct monthly check-ins and quarterly reviews to ensure you reach your category management goals.



24-Hour Technical Support  

Available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, our technical support team strives to make the support process as easy as possible. We have an automated support ticket system built into the software so you can log a ticket whenever you need immediate assistance.



"DotActiv’s Enterprise and Professional solutions are very practical and once we get into all of its functionality, we will be able to do great things with this tool."


Arjun Sinanna - Category Management Executive at Winner’s Supermarket, Mauritius



Don’t Have Resources Available? Leverage Our Dedicated Category Management Services to Achieve Your Objectives Quickly and Efficiently

With DotActiv’s category management services, you’ll get data-driven category optimisation deployed at record speed through unparalleled expertise and leading software.






Food Lover's Market Oils Case Study

Food Lover’s Market is a fresh produce and groceries retailer with 128 stores.









Food Lovers Market Case Study