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Looking for an assortment software solution that enables you to provide the right products to your customers at the right time and place? Software that improves the shopping experience?

After booking your free online exploratory consultation, you can expect us to research and evaluate your unique context. We’ll create a personalised agenda to match your business’ interests, assortment planning goals and context.

We’ll reach out to you before your consultation to share your personalised agenda. You’re welcome to request any changes or additional points.

We’ll consult with our internal experts to curate and customise conversation points, content, and the presentation so that it’s in line with your personalised agenda. Depending on the outcome of our consultation, we’ll schedule a separate custom advisory consultation to share our proposed recommendations with you.






Reduce Inventory Holding, Identify Opportunity Gaps and Improve Your Profitability

Using DotActiv’s intelligent assortment planning software, you can customise your assortments down to a granular level, allowing you to reduce unnecessary inventory holding and make space for fast-moving products.




Get access to standard assortment rules built into DotActiv software. Rules are individual calculations. You can also build and customise your own rules if you’re proficient in Microsoft SQL.





Use templates to group a selection of assortment rules that are linked to a product category, sub-category or segment. Since each product grouping is different, each will benefit from a different set of rules.





Apply an assortment plan of your choosing to an entire category. Plans are made up of a customisable selection of templates, with each template linked to a specific grouping of products within a category.


Planogram Highlights

Product Highlights

Switch between various Highlights when adding products to your final assortment. Highlight options include recommended products, assortment changes and warnings such as the built-in 5-week rule.




data driven 2

Data - Driven

Our software considers the interdependent nature of category management and every planogram you build using our software is data-driven.






"DotActiv's consultants are great at engaging with consumer brand teams. In our case, they added significant value to the haircare category."


Grant Heynes - Strategic Director at Great Africa Hair Company

Great Africa Hair Company



Proactive Software Account Advisor

We provide all DotActiv Software customers with a dedicated account advisor. Acting as a trusted advisor and category management coach, they’ll manage your day-to-day needs and proactively identify any opportunities to help your business succeed. They’ll also conduct monthly check-ins and quarterly reviews to ensure you reach your category management goals.



24-Hour Technical Support  

Available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, our technical support team strives to make the support process as easy as possible. We have an automated support ticket system built into the software so you can log a ticket whenever you need immediate assistance.



"Thank you for everything you have done over the last two days. The special input and hands-on hard work are really appreciated. Thumbs up to the team at DotActiv."


Ben Lubbe - Retail Operations Manager at SPAR, Pharmacy at SPAR




Don’t Have Resources Available? Leverage Our Dedicated Category Management Services to Achieve Your Objectives Quickly and Efficiently

With DotActiv’s category management services, you’ll get data-driven category optimisation deployed at record speed through unparalleled expertise and leading software.






Link Pharmacy Group Case Study

With close to 200 owner-managed pharmacies, Link Pharmacy is recognised as the leading independent community pharmacy group in South Africa. It is owned by UPD.









UPD and Link Pharmacy Case Study