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Meet local shoppers needs by localising your assortments by neighbourhood with intelligent assortment planning software. Not sure you can master assortment planning? DotActiv Academy has you covered.

Create Profitable Localised Assortments

Create assortment plans that are more attractive to local shoppers while improving the profitability and efficiency of your categories. This integrated tool enables users to customise assortments down to a granular level without wasting valuable time. Not sure you or your team will be able to implement this? DotActiv Academy is a comprehensive education and training tool that will have your team functioning as in-house assortment planning specialists.


Localise Your Assortments by Neighbourhood

Improve your in-store experiences by developing optimised assortments that are localised to shoppers preferences by neighbourhood. Reduce inventory holding and improve category performance by spotting slow movers and identifying opportunity gaps in your assortments. 

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Rules, templates and plans give users the ability to customise strategies for each category. Powerful integration makes space aware assortment planning that's driven by internal and external sales data possible. 




Rules are individual calculations. In CatMan, there are many standard rules which are pre-built into the software. However, power users who are proficient in Microsoft SQL can add entirely new and customised rules. 



Templates are used to group together a selection of rules which are linked to one particular product category, subcategory or segment. Each product grouping is different in nature, therefore, each product grouping is likely to benefit from a different set of rules.



One plan is usually applied to one entire category. A plan, which is designed in this way, is made up of a customizable selection of templates with each template being linked to one specific grouping of products within a category. 

What Our Clients Say

Pick n Pay-1

Ron Schutte

Head of Assortment and Micro Space Planning at Pick n Pay

DotActiv has allowed Pick n Pay to deliver more as a team. Their planogram deliverables and support relationships have also always been a top priority, which allows us to have full confidence in them and their abilities.



Michael Burns

Paint category buyer at Makro

Working with DotActiv has given Makro stores direction. The planograms we’ve created in their software allows us to present a logical product flow that makes serving our customers easier. And our sales figures show that.

Food Lovers-1

Stephen van Vuuren

Head of Groceries Department at Food Lovers Market

The implementation of data-driven planograms using DotActiv software has been a stepping stone for Food Lovers Market's growth within the Groceries division. We also implemented automated ordering, which wouldn't have been possible without DotActiv’s help.