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Caylin Fortuin May 18, 2022 5:55:33 PM 21 min read

3 Basic Elements To Prepare Before Building A Retail Planogram

The concept of retail store planogramming reportedly originated in the early 1970s with ...
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Darren Gilbert May 10, 2022 2:15:34 PM 12 min read

Server Hosting: When Is It A Good Idea For You To Host Your Own?

Data security is of critical concern to any business, regardless of the industry. You ...
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Darren Gilbert May 4, 2022 5:02:51 PM 15 min read

Planograms: Where Did They Come From And Where Are They Going?

If you work in retail, you’ve probably come across more than one planogram before. But ...
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LeAnn Groenewald May 3, 2022 3:45:00 PM 5 min read

PowerBase Updates For April 2022: What’s Updated

With 2022 well and truly underway, we have added a few new articles and updated others on ...
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Darren Gilbert Apr 29, 2022 2:26:57 PM 16 min read

These Four Elements Are Critical For Store Operations Success

Managing or opening a store is never an easy task. We know that because we've played a ...
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Sanmari Roberts Apr 28, 2022 6:01:04 PM 17 min read

5 Steps To Put Customer Data Sets To Work In Your Business

It’s well-known that data is part of everyday life and business. We’ve written about that ...
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Yolandé Beumer Apr 21, 2022 9:18:41 AM 13 min read

5 Ways To Use Merchandising Data to Boost Your Retail Optimisation

John McAteer, the author of Data-driven Merchandising: Moving From An Art To A Science To ...
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Marizelle Van Eeden Apr 19, 2022 7:03:01 PM 13 min read

The Who's Who of the Retail Zoo: What You Can Achieve With Market Data

From one angle, market data can appear a daunting and vague term. That's especially true ...
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Mark Botha Apr 15, 2022 12:48:41 PM 14 min read

How Retailers Use Seasonal Products to Improve Your Shopping

Have you ever been annoyed when retailers start playing Christmas music in October? Or ...
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Ilze Klopper Apr 14, 2022 6:26:27 PM 17 min read

Demand, Meet Supply. The Pros and Cons of Buyer vs Supply Chain Data

When it comes to sharing and analysing sales data, it's a well-known fact that retailers ...
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