Why Choose DotActiv's Retail Business Intelligence Services?

Get objective and insightful answers to the most important questions you have about your business. Our retail business intelligence services will uncover powerful insights in your data so that you can make better-informed decisions.




What Do You Get?

Our data analysts will offer you in-depth insights into your business to help you make better decisions around clustering, assortment planning, space planning, merchandising planning, inventory management, retail marketing and more.

We provide you with these insights in the form of dynamic data visualisations and dashboards, all created with the objective of answering specific questions you have or should be asking about your retail business.

Software and Services Delivered Remotely

We Deliver Services Remotely

Consider your dedicated data analyst a member of your team that reports to you directly except that they are based off-site. Every aspect of our retail business intelligence services can be delivered remotely and to the same high quality standard as if we have deployed a consultant on-site.

For your convenience, all consultations are held through your preferred video conferencing tool. All data analysts outputs are subject to senior oversight from DotActiv management to ensure quality outputs, which are based on best practices. 

If you prefer for DotActiv data analysts to be based on-site, this can be arranged.




We used an efficient methodology for uncovering insights in your data to answer critical questions posed by your business. The methodology is supported by our business intelligence software, unique understanding of category management and in-depth retail data expertise. Our team of data analysts can work remotely so all meetings can be held online where necessary. Below is a high-level overview of what you can expect from the process:


Client Brief

We meet with you to determine the critical business questions you need answering through data analysis and reporting. For your convenience, this meeting is held through your preferred video conferencing tool.

During this meeting, we will discuss and confirm the data sources that you’d like us to use.

If you are not sure what questions you should be asking we will make suggestions. We will also discuss any high-level reporting specifications as well as the expected output. Throughout this meeting, our consultants will provide you with guidance where required.


Preliminary Plan

The next step is to meet again and confirm the suitability of the data you provided. For your convenience, this meeting is held through your preferred video conferencing tool.

We will present all provisional reports and data visualisations built based on the high-level reporting specifications that were chosen during the initial meeting.

The objective of this meeting is to receive feedback, ensure we are aligned with your needs and that the format answers your questions. If you want us to make changes, we will discuss and confirm them.


Insights Delivery and Presentation

The last step is to deliver the insights we gathered from your data through an interactive dashboard, answering the questions you asked during the initial client brief in detail. For your convenience, this meeting is held through your preferred video conferencing tool.

This report is fully customisable to your business needs.

During this final meeting, we will also provide you with any reporting files so that you can share them with your colleagues and anyone else who has access to DotActiv.



Business Intelligence Services

Talented People

DotActiv data analysts are helpful and easy to work with. Certified through DotActiv Academy, that means you can be confident that you are dealing with a subject matter expert. 

Our partnerships with local universities and a strong focus on recruitment mean our data analysts typically have at least a Consumer Science Degree. Many of our staff also have Honours or Masters degrees.

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Powerful Software

Our retail business intelligence services are supported by our proprietary category management software. The software allows us to connect to and report on multiple data sources, build custom dashboards with interactive and visual analytics, and create actionable category reviews to understand the performance of your retail stores.

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