we're using data and technology to craft better in-store experiences

We're working to make in-store shopping an all-round better experience. Our integrated all-in-one category management software and advisory services enable retailers and suppliers to use their business data to create better product layouts, localised assortments, advanced retail analytics and more.



We started from humble beginnings as a Category Management consultancy in 1990. Later, in 2001, we became the first to market with a data-driven category management software platform. Today, retailers (big and small) from all corners of the world are using DotActiv to localise their assortments by neighbourhood and to improve their return on shelf space with automated data-driven store layouts. And we've only just begun.


knowledge sharing and advancement 

We don't simply rely on our combined global customer base to learn, improve and provide value back to our customers. We're also sponsoring the study pursuits of more than 20% of our staff. 

Why do we do this? Innovative technology and real execution follows knowledge which is why knowledge sharing and advancement is core to who we are. 



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We work with small retailers, large retailers and suppliers. Each has different goals, challenges and circumstances, which is why we cater for our customers on an individual basis. You can learn more about our product below:

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Interested in the challenge that comes with  working at DotActiv? Learn more about what life is like here by visiting our culture blog below. If one of our positions looks interesting to you, please go ahead and apply with us.

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When you become a DotActiv partner, you will get everything you need to attract prospects and turn those prospects into customers. You will also get the software, training and support that you need to delight your new customers.

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Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors are responsible for creating, developing and leading high-performance teams, strategies and products that deliver real results for retailers and suppliers.

Andrew Dorfling Category Management
Andrew Z Dorfling

Andrew is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the company. 

Kyle Dorfling Category Management
Kyle A Dorfling
Kyle is responsible for leading our marketing and inside sales strategies. 
Robert Stohr Category Management
Robert W Stohr
Robert leads services operations and is responsible the companys outside sales. 
Jason Dorfling Category Management
Jason J Dorfling

Jason heads up everything IT including product development and all IT initiatives.