Who We Are

We pride ourselves on providing the American retail market with high-quality category management software and advisory services aimed at making in-store shopping an all-round better experience.

With customers such as Handy Mart, Hughes Supply, Lea Foods Inc, Polar Beverages and more, we’re making it possible for American retailers and suppliers to take their in-store experience to the next level.









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What We Offer Retailers

We offer retailers across all formats a category management solution that enables them to use retail data to create data-driven product layouts, localised assortments and advanced retail analytics.

With our software and services, retailers can expect to create better shopping experiences for shoppers, improve stock turnover and profitability and enhance their overall business performance.


What We Offer Suppliers

We offer suppliers a comprehensive mix of category management software, training, support and professional services to empower them to help retailers grow their categories.

With our software and services, suppliers can improve the performance of the categories in which their products are merchandised and gain influence over shelf positioning and space allocations for their products.





The DotActiv Journey

We have a rich history that dates back to 1991. Today retail professionals use our software to create planograms in over 60 countries. 


Founded as a Consultancy Startup.

In 1991 we launched as an independent Category Management consultancy.  John Dorfling and Anton Roux co-founded our company and called it CMS which stood for computerised merchandising services.


Nielsen Acquisition

Nielsen acquired our services business and tied our co-founders into a four-year-long restraint of trade agreement. During this time they remained active in the retail industry.


Relaunched with a New Vision

John Dorfling and Anton Roux re-launched our company but this time with a new vision.


Pick n Pay signed up as a Customer

We were the first company to establish a formalised and collaborative category management process between a Retailer and Supplier.


Spar signed up as a Customer

During this pivotal and vital time in our history, a second prestigious retailer signed up as a customer.  


Began Development of DotActiv Software

Up until this point, we were purely a category management consultancy. In 2001 we became the first company to create a data-driven category management system. In 2001 we also renamed the company to DotActiv.


DotActiv Software Starts Winning

DotActiv Software Starts Winning


Financial Director Appointed

Andrew Dorfling was appointed Financial Director in August 2004 at which time he also became a shareholder.


A Better Way to Process Data

In 2007 we launched the DotActiv Import utility to automate the flow of data into the DotActiv software. After that, we continued to expand the business and gain a foothold in the South African retail industry.


New Directors Appointed

In 2009 Kyle Dorfling and Robert Stohr were appointed to the Board of Directors. Kyle later took over our international expansion as CMO while Robert took over operations as COO.


New Leadership

Andrew Dorfling, Robert Stohr and Kyle Dorfling acquired 100% ownership of DotActiv with Andrew being the majority shareholder. At this time Andrew became CEO.


Double Down on Software and Services

With new leadership in place, it was time for us to double down on our investment into the DotActiv software.


New Software Products

In 2014 we released the assortment planning function of DotActiv to our users. We also launched our field marketing software to the market.


Three Editions of DotActiv

To reduce the barrier to entry and better reflect our new marketing vision we split DotActiv software into three editions: DotActiv Lite, Professional and Enterprise. In 2015 we began expanding our customer base outside of South Africa and quickly reached over 20 countries.


Chief Information Officer Appointed

Jason Dorfling was appointed Chief Information Officer in January 2016, at which time he also joined the Board of Directors and became a shareholder.


Clicks Rates DotActiv Best Performing IT Supplier

Clicks Group Limited went through a formal IT supplier evaluation process and rated DotActiv number 1 for all four quarters of 2017.


DotActiv Academy. Online Store. DotActiv Free

We launched DotActiv Academy to help our users learn how to make the most of their DotActiv Software. We also opened our online store and introduced the completely free version of DotActiv.


Expanded to 60+ Countries

DotActiv's user base expands to over 60 countries with new users added every day.


Launched Activ8: Team Management Software for Retail

We launched Activ8, which is team management software for retail. This powerful cloud-based software includes everything you need to manage your retail team, including task and project management, time and attendance software, expense and leave claims and more.


New DotActiv Academy. DotActiv PowerBase

We relaunched DotActiv Academy to be more of a social community with category management learning at its core. We also opened it up, allowing anyone to join for free. Available in 10 languages, the DotActiv PowerBase includes short and concise answers to everything you need to know about making the most of our products and services.


Appointment of Chairman, New CEO, CFO and changes to COO portfolio

In March, we announced the appointment of Kyle Dorfling as the new CEO (Acting Chief Executive Officer). Kyle took over from Andrew Dorfling, who took on the role of Chairman. Jason Dorfling was appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer. Robert Stohr continued his role as Chief Operating Officer but also took over the Sales portfolio.






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We work with retailers both small and large and across multiple formats. Each has different goals, challenges and circumstances, which is why we cater for our customers on an individual basis.






We help suppliers of all sizes to assist their retail customers to improve category performance and gain influence over the shelf positioning and space allocation for products.






We offer three different partner program models depending on your business. That includes agency, distribution and referral partner models.






Interested in the challenge that comes with working at DotActiv? If one of our positions looks interesting to you, please go ahead and apply.