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Partner With DotActiv And Grow Your Business

Are you an expert in category management who wants to grow your business? Partner with DotActiv and let's grow together.


Do you want to expand your category management offering?

By partnering with DotActiv, you can strengthen your position as a leading provider of category management solutions in your region.

CatMan Xperts

“Working with DotActiv has been a valuable experience and a great choice, where in addition to having their great support, we have had great flexibility and perseverance for the benefit of business development. Their solution is very competitive and accessible for our clients who have confirmed the choice we made in terms of value.”

Ramses Landaverde
Ramses LandaverdeSenior Consultant & Commercial Leader at Catman Xperts, Colombia


No Joining Fees It is 100% free for you to join our Partner Program if you fit our ideal partner profile.  
Up To 80% Revenue Share You can earn between 50% and 80% revenue share on any DotActiv software or services you sell.  
Innovate With Us Partner with us and collaborate on the latest and greatest category management innovations.


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