Available DotActiv Partner Programs

Partner with DotActiv and Grow Your Business



Agency Partner

Our agency partnership model suits any business looking to add competitive category management services to its retail offering. You get speed-to-market through self-service certifications and premium live one-on-one training.

We also provide you with DotActiv’s leading category management software and the support you need to market and deliver retainer-based category management services to your local market.


Distribution Partner

Our distribution partner model is for any firm that wants to focus on marketing and sales without having to worry about or deal with the after-sales service side. We will also support you throughout the entire marketing and sales cycle. 

Once your prospect becomes a customer, we’ll give you a 30% cut of the deal while DotActiv will take care of the rest so you can focus on marketing and sales. 


Referral Partner

Our referral partner model couldn't be easier. When you refer a contact to us, we will do everything in our power to add value to your relationship with the contact. We'll also give you a once-off 20% referral fee for any referral.

DotActiv's customer referral program is perfect for any independent consultant or retail professional who is looking to refer DotActiv to their customer or connection.