Why Choose Dotactiv’s Assortment Planning Services?

Reduce excess inventory holding, increase sales revenue, and maximise margins by optimising your product assortment strategy. Tailor your assortments to local shopper preferences, reduce wasted space, and spot opportunity gaps in your product assortments. Our assortment planning service enables you to gain direct access to the expertise, software and process required to make intelligent space aware assortment decisions.





What Do You Get?

Our assortment planning experts will help you formulate an assortment planning algorithm for each sub-grouping of products to match your intended assortment strategy and category role.

Throughout the process, they will provide valuable insights and guidance around category roles, market coverage, calculations, and other important considerations.

Our team will do everything from processing the data, setting up your algorithms (plans, templates and rules) to presenting a suggested assortment and providing assistance with assortment maintenance.  










Cluster Management and Assortment Planning


Software and Services Delivered Remotely

We Deliver Services Remotely

Consider your dedicated assortment planner a member of your team that reports to you directly except that they are based off-site. Every aspect of our assortment planning services can be delivered remotely and to the same high quality standard as if we have deployed a consultant on-site.

For your convenience, all consultations are held through your preferred video conferencing tool. All assortment planners outputs are subject to senior oversight from DotActiv management to ensure quality outputs, which are based on best practices.

If you prefer for DotActiv assortment planners to be based on-site, this can be arranged.




We use a tried and tested business process value chain to ensure the assortments we deliver are according to your intended strategy and expectations. Our process is also designed to provide valuable insights and guidance throughout to assist you in thinking more critically about taking the growth of your categories to greater heights. Our team of assortment planners can work remotely so all meetings can be held online where necessary. Below is a high-level overview of what you can expect from the process:


Client Brief

We start by meeting with you to determine the category role and high-level needs for the assortment review. For your convenience, this meeting is held through your preferred video conferencing tool.

A range of basic information must be confirmed, for example, the data sets to be used, rules to be included in the calculation, physical space available, existing or new cluster setup and so on.


Preliminary Plan

The next step is to meet again to present the provisional assortment plan which contains the suggested selection of products to be ranged for the store or cluster. For your convenience, this meeting is held through your preferred video conferencing tool.

The provisional assortment plan is based on the category role, data sets provided and the selection of rules included and applied to each sub-grouping of products for the category. This meeting is used to critically analyse, confirm and make final changes to the assortment strategy.


Assortment Delivery & Planogram Presentation

Next, your DotActiv Assortment Planner will present the final assortment for approval. For your convenience, this meeting is held through your preferred video conferencing tool.

The assortment delivery includes a detailed list of products to be included in the assortment, a comprehensive slide pack which details the category overview, category role, shelf space limitations, calculations used, reports, and all other supporting rationales for how the assortment was determined.


Result and Refinement

The final step is a post-implementation review and case study. During this session, we outline the results of the implementation and determine what can be improved for the next assortment review.



Business Intelligence Services

Talented People

DotActiv assortment planners are helpful and easy to work with. They are certified through DotActiv Academy and are provided with regular and ongoing training, which means you can be confident that you are dealing with a subject matter expert.

Our partnerships with local universities and a strong focus on recruiting the very best talent result in us hiring for capability, knowledge, skills and attitude. Our assortment planners typically have at least a Consumer Science Degree. Many of our staff also have Honours or Masters degrees.

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Powerful Software

Our assortment services are supported by our proprietary assortment planning software. The software allows us to transform data, strategic intent and connection to space planning into data-driven assortments, which increase category performance for our customers.

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