Already Inspired But Need Help Convincing Your Team?

Real change happens when your team is as inspired as you are. Use this content to help articulate the needed category management change in your business. Here's what you will get when filling in the form:

1. Category Presentations - Choose from categories most relevant to your business.

2. Software Demo Video - Show what DotActiv software can do for your business with a short demo video.

3. Financial Benefits Guide - Clearly articulate the financial and practical benefits of implementing DotActiv.

4. DotActiv Consulting Access - Get optional access to a consultant who can help you customise and prepare your presentation. 


What To Expect From Your Presentation Pack:


Financial Benefits Guide

Financial benefits guide including case studies and customer testimonials.

Category Presentations

Multiple category presentations to download, customise and use to articulate your message.

A Demo Video2

A demo video unpacking the most salient capabilities of DotActiv's Software.


Access to a DotActiv consultant who can help you prepare for your internal presentation.