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The purpose of having an exploratory consultation is for us to better understand your unique pain points and goals so that we can provide you with relevant information about our products and services. Please choose a time that works best for you. 



Choose a time that works best for you for a Google Hangouts consultation with a DotActiv specialist:

We believe that open dialogue is key for matching your business with a winning category management solution that actually suits YOUR needs.

Here’s what will happen after you book an exploratory consultation:

1. Your assigned specialist will research and evaluate your unique context. This includes any notes you have provided, the nature of your business, your role, interests, goals and any other relevant context that would add value to the consultation.

2. Your specialist will carefully personalise an agenda to match your interests, goals and context. The consultation is not about us - it’s about you.

3. Your specialist will reach out to you before the consultation to share the personalised agenda. When they do, you are welcome to request any changes or additional points.

4. Your specialist will, in consultation with our internal experts, curate and customise conversation points, content, a presentation and product demo inline with the agenda.

5. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, your specialist will schedule a separate custom advisory consultation to share our proposed recommendations with you. 

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What Our Customers Have To Say


Michael de Beer

National Category Buyer for Hot Beverages at Pick n Pay

“Amazing. The DotActiv team know exactly what to do. It didn’t take long at all for you to align to our strategy and visually execute it onto our planograms. You have exceptional energy and your attention to detail is refreshing.”

Food Lover's-1

Stephen van Vuuren

Head of Groceries Department at Food Lover’s Market

“The implementation of data-driven planograms using DotActiv software has been a stepping stone for Food Lovers Market’s growth within the Groceries division. We also implemented automated ordering, which wouldn’t have been possible without DotActiv’s help.”


Mpho Thagisa

Liquor Category Buyer at Makro

“DotActiv has always been professional in their approach while their team is deeply passionate and delivers work of the highest quality. The planograms created using their software has also brought structure and brings Makro’s strategy to life.”


Arjun Sinanna

Category Management Executive at Winner’s Supermarket, Mauritius

“DotActiv’s Enterprise and Professional solutions are very practical and once we get into all of its functionality, we will be able to do great things with this tool.

DotActiv_SPAR Testimonial

Ben Lubbe

Retail Operations Manager at SPAR, Pharmacy at SPAR

“Thank you for everything you have done over the last two days. The special input and hands-on hard work are really appreciated. Thumbs up to the team at DotActiv.”


Wayne Taylor

National Sales Manager, Haircare at Amka

“The planograms created using DotActiv’s software have added immense value to Amka’s business. We’ve made incredible inroads with the Spar Group. The Group also recently created their national planograms, and for the first time, requested input from us based off the planograms built in DotActiv.”


Rob Schutte

Head of Assortment and Micro Space Planning at Pick n Pay

“DotActiv has allowed Pick n Pay to deliver more as a team. Their planogram deliverables and support relationships have also always been a top priority, which allows us to have full confidence in them and their abilities.”


Frans Clarke

Home Softs Department Planner at Jet

“Karmi and Skye from DotActiv are valuable associates to the Jet team. Their ability to work with minimal supervision and commitment to exceed our expectations reflects directly in their performance. They’ve shown lots of commitment to understand the product so they can create the most optimal planogram possible.”


Mark Calderwood

Chain Executive at CNA

“No matter who you’re dealing with at DotActiv, there is always care and attention in all that they do. In my point of view, the standard that DotActiv provides is on the highest degree, and from my experience, know that others do not have the same desire and passion to deliver.”

Diageo (1)

Victoria Parker

Head of Global Off Trade Customer Marketing, Diageo

“I would like to thank DotActiv for their ongoing support and for being an excellent partner during the recent range planning project between Diageo and Shoprite/ Checkers. I’d highly recommend them as a partner for any future work.”


Belinda Craig

Trade Marketing Manager, GSK

"DotActiv's category management services are amazing. Their consultants always go above and beyond by getting outputs done on time."


Jacqueline Kinnaird

Trade Promotion and Activations Manager at Indigo Brands

"Matthew from DotActiv fits into the team like a true team player and it feels like he is part of Indigo Brands and not just a contractor.

DotActiv does not need supervision, they just get on with what needs to be done and achieved, which is really great especially with the workload we have at the moment."


Su-Marie Annandale

Brand Manager, Clere

“Ilze from DotActiv always delivers insightful reports which are accurate and on time. The reports help the team and I from Clere achieve our goals. I’d recommend DotActiv services to anyone.”