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Self Medication Category Case Study

For this case study, we looked exclusively at the Self-Medication category, and how a supplier gained influence over shelf space positioning and allocations for their products by providing performance-enhancing planograms to their retail customer, a pharmacy retailer with 70 stores. 

Self Medication Case Study Front CoverWith DotActiv's assistance, the average sales and unit movement for the Self Medication category increased by 23% and 12% respectively.

 In this case study, you'll discover the following:

  1. The Challenge that both the pharmacy retailer and their supplier faced around the Self Medication category;
  2. The Solution that DotActiv proposed to help them address their individual challenges; and
  3. The Results, which shows the effectiveness of using data-driven planograms to redesign the layout of Self-Medication in-store.

The resident store pharmacist had the following to say:

“I would like to thank our supplier for their sponsorship of this initiative. Since the initial implementation, we have shown positive growth in sales and profitability in our Self-Medication department. I would also like to thank DotActiv for their effective and efficient assistance with this initiative.”

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