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Activ8 - Team Management Software for Retail

Designed for retailers, suppliers and retail service providers, Activ8 is our cloud-based team management software which we have split into two functions. 

Firstly, It allows you to gain better control of your retail workforce, no matter where they're stationed. Secondly, Activ8 incorporates planogram communication and implementation features as well as a field marketing functionality.

For managing retail teams, Activ8 includes the following core features:

  1. Team Statistics and Reporting 
  2. Time and Attendance
  3. Task and Project Management
  4. Electronic Employee Onboarding
  5. Employee Record Keeping
  6. Leave and Expense Management

For the implementation of planograms and field marketing duties, Activ8 allows you to do the following:

  1. Communicate completed planograms to the correct store users at the right time
  2. Allow store users to access, download and send implementation confirmations
  3. Manage store visit cycles and schedules for your field marketers and merchandisers

Unpinning these various features and functionalities found Activ8 is an Android and iOS mobile app.

Want to gain better control of your retail workforce? Need a system that will help you to monitor and measure team productivity? Or simply want software that allows you to implement your planograms in-store correctly?