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DotActiv Partner Spotlight: Who Is The Ideal Partner?
DotActiv TeamMar 9, 2023 9:00:00 AM5 min read

Partner Spotlight: Who Is The Ideal Partner?

DotActiv Partner Spotlight - Who Is The Ideal Partner?

Since relaunching our Partner Program in September 2021, we have searched for professional retail service firms that want to grow their businesses. But what's in it for you if you join? Our Partner Program includes multiple benefits, including no joining fees and allowing you to earn between 50% and 80% revenue share.

Ramses Landaverde on DotActivs Partner Program

Of course, we must ensure we partner with the right people and companies. That means we must understand how our ideal partner should look and what qualities they must possess. In this article, we discuss that, unpacking a few qualities we look for in a DotActiv Partner.

You Must Be Engaged In The Sales Process

You must be engaged in the sales process

According to Forbes, engagement is the emotional commitment towards a business and its goals. At DotActiv, we are looking for partners who can communicate well and are engaged. That's because better engagement leads to better business outcomes - not just for DotActiv, but for our partners too. Forbes Councils Member, Andrew Rains, writes that engagement in the workplace can lead to 17% more profitability.

Of course, it's not just about that. Engagement is critical from the start of the application process because we want our prospective partners to communicate clearly and respond timeously.


If you’re an expert in category management and want to grow your business in your region, we urge you to talk to us about our Partner Program. Apply to become a DotActiv Partner today and earn up to 80% revenue share. It's free!


It also feeds through to later in the process when you are working with prospects and your clients to ensure higher customer satisfaction and increased sales for your business.

You Must Have Sufficient Internal Resources

You must have sufficient internal resources

We are looking for professional retail firms with the time and resources to dedicate to the DotActiv Partner Program to ensure they can grow their business successfully alongside us.

Your business must have the internal sales process in place because it's a requirement for you to generate your sales prospects to work within the region that you serve. These leads can come from your Marketing department or a database of contacts which you might already have.

Have Enough People Dedicated To DotActivs Partner Program

Furthermore, it is a requirement that your business should have at least one English-speaking representative to dedicate to the partnership. There are a few reasons why this is important.

The first reason is for training purposes. 

Currently, the DotActiv Academy is only in English, and you'll need to understand the language to gain your certification. 

The second reason is for communication with DotActiv. 

As a partner, you will have an Account Advisor who will assist you through account setup, your introduction, onboarding and guidance. And English is a requirement to communicate effectively with DotActiv’s consultants.

Your Goals Must Be In Line With DotActivs Goals

Your goals must be in line with DotActiv's goals

As a DotActiv Partner, you should have business goals that align with DotActiv’s short, medium and long-term goals. 

At DotActiv, our mission is to be the first choice for Category Management Solutions through the development of Innovative Software, Quality People and Customer Service.


We only want to work with the best professional retail service firms around the world. If that’s you and you want to join a partner program that enables you to earn up to 80% revenue share, apply today.


To achieve this mission, everyone needs to work towards this goal.

We have a detailed strategic roadmap to help us achieve our short, medium and long-term goals, and we plan our processes and innovation projects around this.

Since Partners will have involvement in our innovation projects, they must understand the goals so that they can work with us to help us achieve them through a mutually beneficial partner relationship. We will elaborate more about innovation project involvement later in this article. You Must Have Technical Competency

You must have technical competency

Category management can seem like an intimidating topic at first. However, as a company, DotActiv has been in the industry for over 20 years. We are experts in this field. We are also looking for partners who can complement this through their advanced technical competency. It will also allow you to understand our proprietary software and service processes.

Be Technically Competent to Deliver Excellent After-Sales Service 

The category management process has different functions that all work together, and you need to understand this well so you can market and resell the software confidently.  

As this is a mutually beneficial partnership, we are always open to hearing about your expertise and suggestions about improvements to the software, services and sales and marketing processes.

This means that you should be well-established within the category management industry and hold strengths that can assist us in areas where DotActiv requires improvement.

You Must Align With DotActivs Culture

You must align with DotActiv's culture

At DotActiv, our company culture is something that we take very seriously. For this reason, we are looking for Partners who can understand and contribute towards our mission, vision, values, and culture and offer a complementary business ethos.

Our culture includes our business environment, our values, and the principles that drive decision-making. We have already discussed our mission above but what about our vision?

DotActiv’s vision is to consistently exceed the expectations of our Customers, Staff and Shareholders. And therefore, Partners will play a role here, which is why alignment is crucial.

DotActiv’s values refer to what our company stands for, and they are always top of mind when we work towards our mission and vision.

Be A Good Partner For DotActiv

You must have category management industry experience

We pride ourselves on our innovative company culture. DotActiv is team-oriented, performance-driven and committed to growth and learning.

As mentioned earlier in this article, we have a strategic roadmap. We also launch innovation projects that align with this roadmap to ensure we can continue providing our customers with the software and services they need.

Therefore, we look for Partners who can innovate with us. Your category management experience is a valuable asset when innovating. By partnering with us, you can collaborate on the latest category management innovations and have input on how these innovations look and work.

Industry experience is also vital when working with your prospects as you would need to understand their needs to put forward the best recommendation for them and help them achieve their category management objectives. After all, as much as this is a partnership between us, it must also be a partnership between yourself and your clients.


DotActiv’s Partner Program holds great benefits for you if you decide to join. However, we also want to ensure that we partner with the right businesses to ensure successful partnerships. When you grow, we grow too. 

If you believe you are the right fit to partner with us, you can read more about our Partner Program here. You can also fill out our application form here.


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