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PowerBase Updates For December 2020: What’s Updated

PowerBase Updates For December 2020

As 2020 came to an end and businesses started to slow down, we still wanted to ensure that we updated the content on the PowerBase. During December, we updated five articles. Each updated article aims to provide quick answers to any specific questions our customers might have on how to best use our software for their businesses.

If you would like to read past articles on what we’ve added or updated on the DotActiv PowerBase, you can browse through our previous PowerBase summaries here. You can also read about why we introduced the DotActiv PowerBase here.

Updated Articles - DotActiv PowerBase Dec 2020

Updated articles on the DotActiv PowerBase

How Do I Upload Product Images?

There are three possible ways in which you can upload images to your planogram; namely by linking an image folder to the planogram based on an image algorithm, by dragging and dropping images from a file onto the product, or through a bulk image import. 

However, what happens if you’ve tried all of the above and your images still fail to upload? 

We have recently updated this article to include a link to an additional article that unpacks the common issues faced regarding product images in the DotActiv software and what to do if they are not working.

Learn more about how to upload product images and the reasons why your images might not be importing in this article

How To Import Or Export .DXF Or .DWG files

When using Floor Planning in the DotActiv software, you may want to import or export .DXF or .DWG files. Once you have imported a .DXF or .DWG file, you may want to change the colour of the background. 

This article now includes a section on how to change the background colour of your floor plan when working in the DotActiv software. 

How Can I Get a Personalised Demo of DotActiv Or Activ8?

Are you looking for category management software, but you’re not sure which one would suit your business best? At DotActiv, our consultants provide you with a personalised demo of our DotActiv software. We can also provide you with a demo of our team management software - Activ8.

In this article, you can learn more about how the process works by scheduling a personalised software demo with one of DotActiv’s consultants. 

We have also updated this article to include the process of booking an explore meeting with one of our consultant’s first, then a software demo and lastly, an advise session that is tailored to your business. 

Unpacking The Functions And Pricing Options Of The Different DotActiv Editions

DotActiv has various software editions, starting with DotActiv Free. There are, however, key differences between the different editions of the DotActiv software. 

One of these is price. Since this article was written, we have added our pricing next to our paid versions. We also included the different features that come with each edition and updated the title to reflect the update. 

How To Add Different CAD Objects To Floor Plans

While building a floor plan using the DotActiv software, you have the opportunity to add a variety of different CAD objects. These include Walls, Lines, Gondolas, Aisle Indicators, Doors and Tellers.

When you are adding gondolas to your floor plan, you can choose between adding a ‘Gondola Block’ or adding a ‘Gondola Block By NOD’. This article was updated to include a section on the different functions or uses of a gondola block. 

Learn more about how to add different CAD objects to your floor plan in this article


The DotActiv PowerBase provides you with quick answers to specific questions about how to make the most of DotActiv’s products and services. If you come across an article that doesn’t answer a question to your satisfaction, please leave a comment on the article. It’s entirely anonymous and will help us to help you get the answers you deserve.

LeAnn Groenewald

LeAnn is an in-house training specialist. She oversees the day to day running of the DotActiv Academy, which includes amongst other activities, developing training materials as well as tracking and managing all learning outcomes. She also manages and maintains the ‘PowerBase’, DotActiv’s software knowledgebase.

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