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DotActiv PowerBase Updates For March 2024
LeAnn PieterseApr 2, 2024 4:40:00 PM5 min read

PowerBase Updates For March 2024: What’s Updated

As we approach the second quarter of 2024, we are excited to bring you a comprehensive overview of all the latest updates, articles, and materials from March 2024. Since our last edition, we have updated six articles based on recent software updates and a further three to improve the content and clarify any processes in each article.

Our vision for the DotActiv PowerBase is to increase knowledge and skills and bridge any gap for software clients and others interested in using our software. If you’d like to read past articles on what we added or updated on the DotActiv PowerBase, you can browse those PowerBase summaries. You can also read why we introduced the DotActiv PowerBase. Updated Articles On The DotActiv PowerBase - March 2024

Updated articles on the DotActiv PowerBase


How Do I Create Fixtures?

Did you know that DotActiv software offers numerous fixtures when building a new planogram? These fixtures include a shelf, pegboard, hanging bar, banner, obstructions, and clip strip.

You can use the pegboard fixture to build a slatwall or a slatboard display. As such, we have added the tag ‘slatboards’ to increase the overall searchability of this article.

What Are The Software And Hardware Requirements To Run DotActiv’s Software?

As with any software application, the DotActiv software has specific operating system and hardware requirements that you need to meet to ensure that you can install the software on your device and operate it smoothly.

We have recently updated this article by adding ‘laptop requirements’ as a tag. 

Do you need to install the DotActiv software on your device? Read more about the requirements to run DotActiv’s software

How To Set Segment Sizes For A Gondola

A segment is a gondola section spanning one shelf length, top to bottom. 

In this article, we unpack the step-by-step process of adding a segment, also known as a drop, to a gondola. Based on client feedback, we added ‘increments’ as a tag. 

Read this article to learn how to add a segment to your gondola or set up different segment sizes.

Reporting On Changes For Proposed Vs Existing Planograms

Ideally, when reporting within category management, having a current state to which you can compare your future state can provide you with more insightful analytics. It allows you to assess whether any changes you made helped you to achieve what you set out or if it simply did not work. 

In the DotActiv software, the Changes Report can help you make such an analysis. 

Furthermore, we recently updated this report to allow you to view the impact on specific sustainability metrics due to any changes made to the planogram.

Learn more about the new and improved Changes Report. 

How To Read The Range Optimizer Results Grid

After creating a new range plan within the Range Optimizer function, the DotActiv Software presents you with the Range Optimizer results grid. In this grid, you can make changes to your range. 

We updated this article to reflect the changes based on the software update, including additional content such as the sustainability metrics, which you can find in the Impact Analysis grid.

Learn how to read the Range Optimizer results grid found in the DotActiv software.

How To Create A New Range Plan In Range Optimizer

DotActiv’s Range Optimizer function helps you optimize your range based on certain variables or rules. The Range Optimizer function applies rules to a range, and the DotActiv software applies logic to suggest a range. You can also use this function when creating a new range.

This article has recently changed since we launched the latest update of the DotActiv software. With the new release, you can prioritize sustainability when choosing your transfer of demand options. This toggle adjusts the logic when shortlisting your options. 

Read this article to learn how to use the updated Range Optimizer function. 

How To Create And Use The Split Shelf And Plano Report

Reporting on planograms can provide numerous benefits. A full detailed report, delivered together with a planogram, provides merchandisers with all they require to merchandise effectively. 

The Split and Shelf Report allows you to see the gondola segments and the shelf report on the same page. You can also see each product on every shelf for each segment. We recently added the option to split the report by the different pegboard rows and have updated the article to reflect the new changes. 

Read this article to learn how to create the Split Shelf and Plano Report.

How To Open And Edit The Fixture And Product Report

Within the DotActiv Fixture report, you can save a preset of the displayed columns, which is useful when saving multiple views that you use regularly.

As part of the recent update to this report, we updated this article to include the two ways to view the total fixture linear space of the gondola in the Fixture Report.

How To Add A Range Plan To A Custom Report

You might want to report on specific ranging components when creating a custom report. 

We made changes to this report as part of the latest software updates. 

You now can choose whether you would like to display the ‘Pre-Analysis’ or ‘Post-Ranging’ planogram linked to the range plan, toggle the ‘Show Product Hover Text’ option, which allows you to show labels over the products as you hover over them, and choose from additional ranging grid options to name a few. 

Learn how to link a range plan to your custom report.

Articles With Missing Images

The team is working tirelessly to update all the articles that are currently missing images and software GIFs. Please continue to comment on any PowerBase articles that need images added.


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