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How DotActiv Helps You Increase Your Product Performance
DotActiv TeamSep 15, 2023 3:45:00 PM8 min read

How DotActiv Helps You Increase Your Product Performance

Achieving optimal product performance is akin to striking gold. Yet, many retailers grapple with a pressing challenge: how to curate the perfect product assortment that resonates with consumers, drives sales, and sets them apart in a saturated market. It's a delicate balance, demanding more than just intuition; it calls for strategy, precision, and assortment planning tools.

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Imagine your customers visiting your store and finding what they need, accompanied by complementary products they hadn't considered before. You can ensure that happens by designing an experience that fulfills consumers' desires and drives more sales. The secret to this win-win scenario lies in strategic assortment planning, a critical aspect of modern retail success.

So, how do retailers craft a captivating product mix that seamlessly meets consumer needs? The answer isn't in guesswork or dated tactics. In today's data-driven world, sophisticated assortment planning software solutions like DotActiv come into play, melding technology with market insights. These tools refine product assortment and propel product performance to new heights, offering a dynamic approach to retail excellence.

Elevating Product Performance In Modern Retail

The challenge: Elevating product performance in modern retail

When change is the only constant, the pressure to maintain, let alone increase your product performance is relentless. Central to this challenge is the art and science of assortment planning. Every retailer knows the stakes: get it right, and you pave a golden path to customer loyalty and robust sales; get it wrong, and you're left grappling with missed opportunities and dwindling margins.

Today's consumers are an empowered group, riding the waves of the digital era. They're well-informed, spoilt for choice, and their expectations are nothing short of sky-high. Gone are the days when consumers would settle for 'just about anything' on the shelves. Now, they seek variety. But not just any sort - they desire a range that resonates with their tastes, preferences, and lifestyles. 

Catering to this modern consumer is a complex task that requires you to forecast needs, track trends, and continually fine-tune your offerings.

Yet, given the critical nature of assortment planning, it's alarming to see retailers lost amidst overwhelming choices. Without a systematic approach, many fall back on intuition or rely heavily on methods that might have worked in the yesteryears but are out of place in today's dynamic market. The consequences of such ad hoc strategies are predictably dire: from glaring gaps in the product range, which lead to lost sales, to an excess of stock that gathers dust and erodes profitability.

Consider, for instance, a retailer stocks up heavily on a product based solely on last season's performance, ignoring emerging trends. By the time the stock reaches the floor, consumer preferences have shifted, and what was once a best-seller now languishes untouched. On the flip side, another product, not given its due shelf space, becomes a surprising trend, leading to stockouts and frustrated customers.

In essence, achieving the optimal product mix isn't just about what to stock. Factors such as seasonal demands, fleeting trends, and unexpected shopping spurts heavily influence these decisions in assortment planning. As the retail world continues to shift, being agile and responsive in assortment planning becomes not just a strategy for success but a lifeline for survival.

Leveraging Assortment Optimization Services For Enhanced Product Performance

The service: Leveraging assortment optimization services for enhanced product performance

The dynamic retail environment calls for meticulous strategies to uplift product performance significantly. Understanding the interplay of factors such as consumer preferences, market trends, and spatial configurations, forms the cornerstone of robust assortment planning. Below are a few key components that carve out a successful blueprint for augmenting the product mix and meeting consumer expectations proficiently:

Data analysis

In the quest for enhanced product performance, data analysis stands as non-negotiable in assortment planning. It facilitates a deeper understanding of the inventory, helping you make informed decisions on which products to stock. By analyzing sales patterns and other pertinent data, you can construct a responsive and forward-thinking assortment planning strategy that keeps the product mix relevant and profit-generating.

Consumer insights

A comprehensive assortment planning strategy prioritizes deep understanding and analyzing consumer insights. Knowing customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns enables you to stock products that resonate with your target audience. By nurturing a product mix that aligns with consumer expectations, you can enhance the shopping experience, cultivating loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Market trends

Keeping up-to-date with emerging market trends is pivotal. Recognizing and adapting to these trends timely ensures that product performance remains stellar, with an assortment that is fresh and aligned with consumer demands. 

The ever-evolving market necessitates a finger-on-the-pulse approach, allowing for adjustments in assortment planning that showcase trend-responsive products prominently, enhancing product performance, customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

Space management

Space management is integral in showcasing the curated product mix effectively. A well-planned space not only facilitates easy accessibility but also encourages impulse purchases through strategic product placements. 

By optimizing your shelf space, you can exhibit products in a manner that is both appealing and functional, enhancing the overall shopping experience while improving product performance.

An assortment optimization service that is grounded in data analysis, consumer insights, market trend responsiveness, and efficient space management empowers you to build a product mix that is diverse and strategically aligned to foster superior product performance. This holistic approach guarantees a pathway to achieving retail excellence.

Unpacking DotActivs Software And Services Offering

The solution: Unpacking DotActiv’s software and services offering

At the core of DotActiv is a commitment to not just meet, but exceed retailers' expectations. By seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art assortment planning software with expert category planning services, we're redefining what it means to optimize product performance, retail profitability, and customer experience. 

Data Collection and Processing 

Within our comprehensive suite of services, we meticulously catalog each product in our database, ensuring to document every item with its exact dimensions and images. This rigorous data collection allows us to create visually engaging planograms and allocate shelf space to each product according to their sales contribution.

Cluster Optimization

Each store has a unique customer base with distinct buying habits. At DotActiv, we understand this variability and build custom store clusters to match these specific consumer patterns. Our embedded optimization tool streamlines the analysis, helping you tailor product assortments to your store's unique audience.

Assortment Optimization

Our collaborative spirit forms the bedrock of our approach. By partnering closely with retailers, we assess current product assortments, identify gaps or underperformers, and introduce superior product alternatives. The result is optimized shelf spaces that enhance the overall shopping experience.

Category Management Data Analysis

Precision is crucial. We undertake thorough category assessments to obtain the necessary data for consistent and optimized category layouts. 

It ensures optimal product arrangement and helps us maximize the effectiveness of your shelf space.

Planogram Development

We build data-driven planograms. A particular focus is on preventing shelf congestion, a known obstacle to category growth. Our Congestion Report is a tool tailored to address potential congestion across diverse store categories and clusters.

Floor Space Optimization

We extend our services to the careful planning of store layouts, taking into account the strategic placement of categories to meet customer expectations naturally. It ensures customers can find what they want when they want it.

Showcasing Client Success Stories And Benefits

The results: Showcasing success stories and benefits

To fully appreciate the transformative power of our assortment optimization solution from DotActiv, we'll unpack two success stories for a client, exploring the integration of our assortment planning services aimed at boosting product performance. This client had access to our software and category planning services to experience the below results. Let's set the stage.

Client background

Before approaching DotActiv for assistance, this retailer faced specific challenges: by not providing a diverse range, they faced the possibility of losing customers. We were tasked with growing product performance within the category. Also, as a preferred category provider, they needed to provide consistent and competitive value for shoppers. We could achieve that by reducing the days of supply (DOS), which would lead to higher stock turnover for the retailer.

To show that we can provide impact across multiple scenarios, we chose two distinct product categories: both follow a Routine role.

The overarching objective for both was straightforward: improve product performance while maintaining an optimal shopping experience for customers through effective product assortment.

Tangible financial benefits

Our collaboration yielded excellent results for both categories. By leveraging our category planning services, part of our assortment optimization services, and category management software, the retailer experienced a 29% increase in sales and a 37% increase in units growth for the first category.

The results for the second category were as impressive. Sales increased by 27% and units sold grew by 28%.

Practical benefits amplified

The above numbers are only part of the solution we provide. Through our assortment optimization services, we analyzed the old range and its data, determining where we could cut back on existing product space to make provision for new lines. When merchandising them on the shelf, we made sure they followed a logical flow to enhance the shopper experience.

By optimizing the product mix, we not only improved product placement but also increased the number of transactions within the categories. This led to a decrease in the days of supply, thereby enhancing product performance.


When determining your product assortment, the endgame is crucial: enhancing product performance and enriching the in-store experience for your customers through targeted assortment planning. Assortment optimization services are pivotal in this transformation, ensuring your retail space is visually appealing and strategically structured for maximum sales impact. 

Ready to revolutionize your retail space and amplify product performance through tailored assortment planning? Don't hesitate. Schedule a meeting with us today and unleash the true potential of your store.


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