Activ8 Team Management Software

Team Management Software Designed For Retailers, Suppliers and Retail Service Providers

      1. -    Planogram Communication and Implementation
      2. -    Field Marketing and Store Visit Scheduling
      3. -    Time and Attendance Management
      4. -    Task and Project Management
      5. -    Role-based Filing and Electronic Employee Onboarding
      6. -    Employee Record Keeping
      7. -    Android and iOS mobile apps
      8. -    Team Statistics and Reporting



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Store Communication And Planogram Implementation

Communicate completed planograms to your store users automatically and allow staff to send back implementation confirmations to your head office for reporting. Drive planogram compliance at a store level and increase category performance.

With this feature, users can access, download and implement completed planograms in-store. Users can also send implementation confirmations to head office for reporting.

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Field Marketing

Create store visit cycles and schedules. Save and automatically manage your visits and schedules. Monitor and report on in-store merchandising practices.

This feature enables you to understand what happens in-store by using your mobile workforce to collect information at a large scale and in an organised way. That includes information about the presentation of your products on the shelf in comparison to your competitors.

Store visit cycles can handle multiple combinations, including day, week, monthly patterns which can be associated with almost any combination of, retailers, stores, questionnaires by supplier and more. The mobile app uses GPS to confirm user locations. 

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Team Statistics and Reporting

Understand team productivity and performance from a high level. Monitor key staff metrics. Set performance thresholds specific to your company.

Compare and report on the productivity of each staff member against their teams. This function gives you the tools to ensure your team and individual staff members meet the expectations you set for your business.

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Time and Attendance

Collect time and attendance data through Activ8’s Android and iOS mobile apps. Monitor staff punctuality. Ensure the completion of scheduled store visits.

No matter if you have staff based at your offices, across multiples stores or at key suppliers, you can manage them all. You can also interpret individual performance and punctuality easily with built-in colour widgets and compare them against the rest of your team.

Sub-features include ad-hoc check-ins, which allows users to check-in at different locations on a once-off basis, travel claim management and assigned location management.

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Checklist, Task And Project Management

Create and assign checklists and tasks with specified criteria and deadlines. Group tasks into projects with milestones and dependencies. Search completed and closed tasks.

This feature allows you to keep track of everything that goes on in your retail business, no matter the size or scope of the work.

Sub-features include task type and automatic assignment management; automatically assigned task reviews; checklist management for individual tasks and projects; and project, scoping and general management planning.


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Leave and Expense Management

Enable staff to capture leave and expenses. Allow up-the-line staff members to review and approve or decline requests. Ensure company-wide accountability.

This feature allows staff to submit leave requests to their line manager for approval. If approved, Activ8 automatically updates the leave balance and accounts for check-in purposes.

Sub-features include a dashboard display of all users on leave, fuel price and consumption management for travel expenses, leave type management including accumulation rates, leave calendar for monitoring all staff, and expense claim payment management.

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Role-based Filing And Employee Onboarding

Upload company and individual staff documentation into organised folders with role-based access. Allow employees to sign contracts and other documentation electronically. Ensure company-wide accountability.

The ‘filing cabinet’ feature enables you to set up default documentation for new staff and onboard them quickly and efficiently.

Sub-features include document type management and default folder management. You can set employment contracts as standard, so version control is easy.

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Employee Record Keeping

Store all relevant employee information in one place.

This feature allows you to compile and keep general information for all staff as well as information on their region, department, location, and line manager. You can also archive all information of former employees and their individual employment information.

Sub-features include department management and user notes so you have one online employee file.

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Android and IOS Mobile Apps

Activ8’s Android and iOS mobile apps allow staff to check-in at your various locations. The Android mobile lets you answer customised questionnaires for field marketing and reporting purposes.

Both mobile apps enable user tracking through phone GPS for punctuality and site visits. Your users can use Activ8 functions on the move while you can send push notifications of important events and news.

Sub-features include visit planning and completion, expense claim requests, leave requests, and location and punctuality feedback.


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Drive category growth and improve store space efficiency with DotActiv’s category management software.
Automatically send new and updated planograms to stores
for implementation.
Schedule and automate your teams call cycles.
Keep track of everything that goes on in your retail business, no matter the size or the scope of the work.
Monitor team punctuality and track staff locations throughout
the day. 
Measure team and individual performances across multiple KPIs critical to
your business. 
Document all work-related expenses and track employee leave.
Organise, plan and control any work projects while also managing
associated risks.