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Meet Our Official Category Management Partners in Turkey


Ozcan Balioğlu and his team at have partnered with DotActiv to provide best in class category management solutions to retailers and suppliers in Turkey.

Ozcan's team consists of retail experts who have a wealth of experience in the retail industry. ReTailor doesn't only boast a wealth of experience, but they are also great people to work with - If you are looking for a category management provider in Turkey, I can personally vouch for Ozcan and his team.

If you would like to learn more about our new partners and the combined offering of ReTailor and DotActiv, please go ahead and visit their partner site below:

Visit ReTailor's Partner Website Here (

If you happen to be curious about our exclusive partner network and you would like to learn about joining forces with us to grow your retail services business, please feel free to visit our partner page here.  

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