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Category Management [Secretly] Influences Consumer Behaviour
Kyle DorflingMay 16, 2015 3:37:09 PM1 min read

How Category Management [Secretly] Influences Consumer Behaviour

Category management is the art and science of planning stores categories in such a way that they perform better and more efficiently. Yes, category management helps offer a fantastic shopper experience ... But it's largely focussed on achieving a winning financial result for the store and it's categories.

To achieve this financial result the categories 'secretly" influence consumer behaviour in a number of very practical ways.

Here are just three simple ways that category management secretly influences consumer behaviour:

1. Basic products are usually at the back of the store

Ever wondered why the most basic products are usually at the back of the store? Using heat mapped floor plans category managers place categories strategically across stores with the end goal of causing consumers to walk through more of the store and to buy more. ie you go the store to buy milk and because it was at the back of the store, you end up buying bread, eggs and a hand full of other unplanned items that you walked past.

2. You know exactly where to find your favourite sauce

For starters, the store actually has your favourite sauce. From there, even though the store has 1000's of products included in its assortment plan, you still know exactly where to find your sauce. Category Managers and their space planners use software to create data-driven planograms that tell merchandisers exactly how many facings each product should get and where they should be positioned in relation to each other. They do this to positively influence the financial performance of the store while making the product flow more logical.

3. Your kids nag for sweets while waiting at the till

Space planners also keep in mind that consumers are vulnerable to impulsive buys while waiting at the till. This is why your kids favourite sweet and your favourite magazine is beautifully merchandised for you and your kid to see while waiting in the Que. The result? you may end up buying even more than originally planned.


Category management does aim to create a great shopping experience for consumer's but it's also very much there to increase the financial results of stores and their categories. Want to give planograms a try? Visit our online store here for more information or book a custom exploratory consultation.


Kyle Dorfling

Kyle joined DotActiv in 2009. He gained experience across multiple facets of the business before his appointment as Acting CEO in 2021.