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Kyle Dorfling

Kyle Dorfling

Kyle joined DotActiv in 2009. Since then, he has worked across multiple departments and gained extensive experience across multiple facets of the business before becoming DotActiv’s CMO. He was appointed CEO (Acting Chief Executive Officer) in 2021. Kyle is responsible for leading the board and our management team by setting and overseeing the overall strategy of the business. He is known for his deep passion for servant leadership and lifelong learning. As Acting CEO, Kyle has assumed the full powers and responsibilities which come with the role of CEO and his appointment will become permanent in 2022 when specific criteria have been met. On a personal note, Kyle loves spending quality time with his nearly 3-year-old son, Troy. He also has a passion for health & fitness, life-long studies and spending quality time with family and friends.

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We’re Making Our Remote Team Management Software Free For Up to 20 Users. Here’s Why:

By | on 08, Apr 2020 |   Team Management Software COVID-19 and Retail

Activ8, our remote team management software, has enabled us to grow our business every year for the last five years in a row. Activ8’s contribution to our growth has been undeniable: it helped us to s[...]

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Introducing Activ8: Team Management Software For Retail

By | on 16, Apr 2019 |   Team Management Software

There is no doubt about this fact: driving company culture is difficult. It can become even more challenging if you have teams in multiple offices; a scenario which DotActiv faces every day. Fortunate[...]

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DotActiv introduces new SaaS Pricing structure - Pay Monthly

By | on 10, Apr 2019 |   Space Planning Software

April 2019 is barely a week old, but it has already been a month of many new and exciting announcements for us at DotActiv. Firstly, we unveiled our new and improved DotActiv Academy. Secondly, and th[...]

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How Technology and Data Drive In-Store Sales

By | on 18, Oct 2018 |   Category Management Press and Company News Retail Data

Considering the pace at which the retail industry evolves, you need to be forward-thinking. That’s especially true if you want to remain competitive and relevant. The simplest way of ensuring that hap[...]

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4 Cost Saving Benefits of Data-Driven Product Layouts

By | on 17, Oct 2018 |   Planograms Category Management Press and Company News

The retail apocalypse may have its origins in North America but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a knock-on effect for the rest of the world. The UK retail sector, for example, is struggling. So to[...]

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Meet Fix Corp, Our New Partners in Australia

By | on 27, Aug 2018 |   Press and Company News Partner Program

At DotActiv we value partnerships because they add value to the markets we serve. For some time DotActiv has been making steady progress in the Australian retail market, but up until now, we have not [...]

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Introducing Our New Online Store and DotActiv Academy

By | on 08, Jun 2018 |   Press and Company News

Today is yet another exciting day for us here at DotActiv. I've got not one but two announcements to make:

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Introducing DotActiv Free - 100% Free Planogram Software

By | on 13, Mar 2018 |   Planograms Press and Company News

Today is an exciting day for us at DotActiv. For years we have been working to refine our planogram software so that it can help retailers and suppliers transform the way they merchandise their produc[...]

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[Press Release] Thank You Winner’s, JetMart, Diageo, Danone and Others For Choosing DotActiv

By | on 20, Nov 2017 |   Press and Company News

As companies grow, the mindsets of their management teams usually change too. Rightly so because as a business grows it also becomes very different. There are more checks and balances through improved[...]

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A Small Retailer's Pricing Strategy Isn't Limited To The Monetary Cost of Products

By | on 03, Aug 2017 |   Category Management

Small retailers don't have the same buying power as big retailers, and therefore in most circumstances, competing on price is simply not an option. Now what? Funny enough it's not necessarily a dead e[...]

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