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DotActiv Launches New Partner Program
DotActiv TeamSep 13, 2021 4:41:18 PM3 min read

[Announcement] DotActiv Launches New Partner Program

When we first created the DotActiv Partner Program, our goal was to find the best approach to serve our customers in different regions and time zones. We achieved that with partners in North and South America, Europe and Australia. However, we realised if we wanted to take our Partner Program to the next level, we needed to re-evaluate it.

And so, we set out to restructure the DotActiv Partner Program.

DotActiv Partner Program Unpacked

Unpacking the new DotActiv Partner Program

Launched in September 2021, our new Partner Program replaces the Agency and Distribution Partner program as well as our Customer Referral Partnership.

Here’s what you else you can expect from the improved Partner Program:

          1. There are no joining fees

With our previous Partner Program, prospective partners were required to purchase a copy of DotActiv Enterprise. The reason for this was sound - if you wanted to sell our software, you needed to know how to use it and all of its features and functions.

Today, it’s completely free to join our Partner Program. The only requirements are that you fit our ideal partner profile. The application form, which you can fill out here, covers all the requirements. 

Our ideal partner profile includes a few aspects such as alignment with our culture and experience in category management, data insights, retail or supply processes, fully functional internal sales and marketing processes, sufficient internal resources and advanced or expert technical competency to work with the DotActiv team.

          2. You can earn up to 80% revenue

If you’re successful in your application, once you begin selling DotActiv software or services in your region, you can earn up to 80% revenue. Let’s break that down.

We have three different category management software editions and various category management services as well as team management software. 

There is DotActiv Lite, which we recommend for beginners and those on a tight budget. You will earn a 60% revenue share on each Lite software sale on an ongoing basis.

DotActiv Professional is our next edition, which is best suited for retailers and suppliers who require an integrated database. When you sell a license of DotActiv Professional, you will earn a 70% revenue share on an ongoing basis.


Are you a category management expert? Apply to become a DotActiv Partner


Our flagship edition - DotActiv Enterprise includes all of the available features and functions of our software. Recommended for retailers or suppliers who need an all-in-one category management solution, you will earn 80% revenue share on each Enterprise software sale on an ongoing basis.

On the side of category management services, you can expect to earn a 10% revenue share on each DotActiv retainer services sale on an ongoing basis. You can read more about our various category management services here, which covers everything from planogram and assortment services to database management and data collection.

When you sell Activ8, our team management software aimed at all types of businesses, including retail, you can expect to earn a 50% revenue share. Want to learn more about Activ8? We unpack all of its functionalities here.

          3. You can collaborate with us on category management innovations

Selling software and services and growing your business is all good and well. But to remain static and not innovate can be detrimental to any business. That’s why innovation is a vital part.

For DotActiv, it’s vital that we drive innovation to ensure we can always provide our clients with the best possible software and services. When you become a partner, it only makes sense that you get involved too.

By partnering with us, you can collaborate on the latest category management innovations.


If you’re a category management expert who wants to grow your business, partnering with DotActiv makes sense. We’ll offer you the support you need to strengthen your position as a leading category management solutions provider in your region.

Apply here today, and let’s grow your business.


DotActiv Team

The DotActiv team comprises category management experts lending their retail experience and knowledge to create well-researched and in-depth articles.