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Sheer Size Of These Ten Pharmaceutical Deals Is Astonishing
Kyle DorflingMar 4, 2016 2:06:34 PM1 min read

The Sheer Size Of These Ten Pharmaceutical Deals Is Astonishing

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp at a value of $19 Billion US Dollars in cash and stock people lost their minds. But it's not just the technology sector and Silicon Valley that is getting in on these massive deals and spending large amounts of money on research and development to do so. 

The pharmaceutical industry is getting in on the action too and in fact, there was a recent M&A between Actavis and Allergan valued at more than three times the value of the Facebook and WhatsApp deal. $70.5 Billion US dollars to be exact. This is astonishing. 

Below is a chart that shows the world's most valuable deals in pharmacy for the year 2015:


Source: Statista

 The Actavis and Allergan deal was at the top of the log with GSK coming in at number ten with its acquisition of Novartis's global Vaccines business at a total value of $7.1 Billion US Dollars which is a large deal in its own right. 

But it is not just the value of the transactions that is astonishing but the volume as well. Below is a chart which summarises the M&A count in 2015 by the top ten countries:


 Source: Statista

With a total of $179.3 billion US Dollars worth of deals in the industry for the top ten transactions alone during 2015, I think it's safe to say that the global pharmacy market is packed with a fair amount of excitement.  According to Statista, we can expect the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to be some of the most active industries in the coming years. 


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