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Partner Spotlight: How DotActiv Supports Its Partners
DotActiv TeamMar 16, 2023 4:20:17 PM6 min read

Partner Spotlight: How DotActiv Supports Its Partners

In September 2021, we relaunched the DotActiv Partner Program because we wanted to work with like-minded category management experts looking to grow their businesses in their region. If that's you, we want you to join our partner network. We also want you to be successful with all your efforts. That's why we've developed a support plan to ensure that happens.

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If you would like to read more about the Partner Program and what it entails, read this article. If you'd like to apply to become a DotActiv Partner, you can do that here. If you already know what the program entails and want to know how we can help you grow your business in your region, this article is for you.

You Get Access To The DotActiv PartnerBase

DotActiv partners get access to the DotActiv PartnerBase

To empower our colleagues, we introduced the DotActiv InsiderBase - an information resource that answers every possible question about DotActiv and how we do business. We also introduced the DotActiv PowerBase to empower our clients, allowing them to search for quick answers to specific questions about how to make the most of DotActiv's products and services.

But that's not where we've stopped. We also have the DotActiv PartnerBase. Similarly to the other two knowledge base platforms mentioned above, the PartnerBase acts as our official article hub and contains articles written specifically for DotActiv's partners.


If you’re an expert in category management and want to grow your business in your region, apply to become a DotActiv Partner today. It's free!


DotActiv PartnerBase aims to empower our partners to be able to work independently. If you want to perform a specific task and you need the information to complete it, you shouldn't have to feel frustrated or experience any holdups. Instead of waiting for support from a DotActiv consultant, you can log into the DotActiv PartnerBase (available through our website) and find what you need.

As a DotActiv partner, you'll also have a clear view of all the activity on your account through an Activ8 timeline. This function provides information on each activity on a client's account so that you and our consultants know what's happening at any time.

The DotActiv PartnerBase also contains articles about our processes, best practices and resources such as sales enablement material, financial enablement material and more that will help you find success as a DotActiv partner.

You can log in to the DotActiv PartnerBase here. Please note that the PartnerBase is only accessible to DotActiv partners - you can only log in once we sign a Partner contract with you.

You Get Access To Activ8

DotActiv partners get login access to Activ8

As a DotActiv partner, you will get login access to Activ8, our internally-developed team management software.

It has many functions and allows the setup of user roles. The user role allocated to you determines which functions you can access. Partners will have access to a dedicated user role. You will have access to all the functions you need throughout the sales process.

That includes access to task management and the Address Book. The Address Book is critical as you can create all prospect and customer profiles here to ensure you capture all the necessary contact and account information. 

Access To Software That Helps You Be More Organised

It also ensures there is transparency around each account on which you work. Along with the Address Book, you can upload and share documents such as proposals and contracts through our online document system, making it easy for you and your team to access these.

You must also have access to the billing tab to upload proposals and business cases and create quotations. Through this process, DotActiv can approve any documents before you send them to the prospect and allows any invoices to be sent to the client on your behalf.

You Get Access To DotActiv Training

DotActiv partners get access to DotActiv training

At DotActiv, we want our partners to be confident when working with our products so they can successfully sell our software and services. 

Therefore, we offer in-depth training to ensure you understand and know how to use the software. It will empower you to explain its capabilities to prospects and future customers when they have questions.

At DotActiv, we want our partners to be confident when working with our products so they can successfully sell our software and services. 

Therefore, we offer in-depth training to ensure you understand and know how to use the software. It will empower you to explain its capabilities to prospects and future customers when they have questions.

You'll have access to our online training platform - the DotActiv Academy. It is the first step in the training process and covers the basics. It includes six software mastery levels. Each level covers a different function in the software and provides you with theoretical and software knowledge.


We only want to work with the best professional retail service firms around the world. If that’s you and you want to join a partner program that enables you to earn up to 80% revenue share, apply today.


DotActiv Academy also enables you to connect with other members, such as DotActiv employees, prospects and customers who join the platform. You can also ask or answer any questions about the software on the forums section of the platform.

After completing the courses on the DotActiv Academy, you'll also have access to live one-on-one training sessions with a DotActiv training consultant. These live training sessions occur via a video conferencing tool like Google Meet. We can also host them via other platforms if you have a preferred tool. These training meetings focus on any aspect of the software you don't fully understand or need further explanation before you can feel confident to explain them to prospects.

You will also have access to DotActiv's services training. It is a separate online course designed specifically with our Partners in mind to ensure they have all the necessary knowledge about category management and our services offering. You can complete it through the DotActiv PartnerBase.

Finally, you'll have a DotActiv consultant working alongside you. They will be your main point of contact at DotActiv. You'll have an introductory meeting with them following the signing of the partnership to discuss your onboarding plan. They can also answer any questions and offer you training about the sales process we follow.

You Get Access To 24-Hour Support

DotActiv partners get access to 24-hour support

We want to ensure your software operates smoothly at all times. Therefore, we have two options available when you need technical support.

The DotActiv PowerBase has a section dedicated to troubleshooting and support articles. If you experience any error messages or technical issues, you can find immediate answers to your questions to help you.

Furthermore, all DotActiv partners have access to our support service for any technical assistance. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, from Monday (01:00 AM) to Friday (11:59 PM) South African time (GMT+2). We offer our technical support services in English.

Access To 24-Hour Software Support from DotActiv

We also strive to make the support process as quick as possible and have thus implemented an automated support ticketing system. You can find this in the DotActiv software.

Once you create a support task, our software assigns it to a support consultant who will be in contact with you to assist you with your technical issue or question.


Our goal is to have successful partnerships with partners in different regions across the globe. If you are interested in growing your category management business and joining us as a DotActiv Partner, take a look at our Partner page here and apply here.


DotActiv Team

The DotActiv team comprises category management experts lending their retail experience and knowledge to create well-researched and in-depth articles.