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Activ8 enables you to keep track of everything that goes on in your business, no matter the size or scope of the work. Sign up to Activ8 and get free and unlimited access for the first four months. Your first 20 users are free ongoing.




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Looking for a team management software solution that enables you to keep track of all work across your business? Software that allows you to create and assign tasks with criteria and deadlines specific to your work environment.

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Track Progress Of All Work In Your Business

At DotActiv, we’re doing everything in our power to help you to take care of your business during this unprecedented time. 

Designed to suit your business’ team management needs, Activ8 has a built in function that helps you to keep track of everything that goes on in your business, regardless of the size or scope of work. 

Sign up now to get free and unlimited access to Activ8 for the first four months. Your first 20 users are free ongoing.




create a task

Create and Assign Tasks

Create and assign tasks to your team with criteria and deadlines specific to your work environment.

Fields included for each task are Task Name, Description, Type, Assigned User, Observers, Company, and Estimated Hours. While the Estimated Hours criterion defaults to 15-minute increments, it’s only as a guide. You can enter any whole amount of time.

There is also a ‘Complete By’ or deadline date field, and you can add files to provide more context on the created task. Files must not be larger than 21 MB.

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Create and Save Checklists for Tasks

Create and Save Checklists for Tasks

Include checklists, created once-off or via a saved template, for any tasks assigned to your team.

Each checklist includes the Activity, Assigned User, Estimated Hours, Deadline Date and a Task Type.

The checklist functionality also allows you to include more than one person in a task. If the work is multi-faceted, create a step or activity for each person to complete.

After creating a task, you can edit and save your checklists as templates to use for similar jobs in the future.

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Assign Task Types Based on Workload

Assign Task Types Based on Workload

Choose how you want to assign tasks to your staff.

When creating a task - and before assigning it - you can include a filter on a specific Task Type. That filter enables you to automatically assign tasks to a person based on their overall work capacity.

It’s especially helpful for you if you have a busy workforce and you need an unbiased approach to distributing work evenly across all your employees.

Role-based access allows you to override the automatically assign function and assign manually.

Add Filters to Sort Through and Manage Tasks

Add Filters to Sort Through and Manage Tasks

Manage and sort through your tasks as well as those of your team by adding filters.

The task filtering function allows you to add and save filters to access in the future. Ideal for line managers wanting to monitor and manage the work of each of their team members.

Filter tasks by Assigned User, Board, Company, Observers, Projects, Task Owner, Task Status or Task Type.

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task bar

View Breakdown of Team Tasks

Get a quick visual understanding of all tasks currently on the go.

Presented as a pie chart, you can gauge the progress of tasks from a high-level across your team within seconds across three specific fields - Completed, In Progress and Logged.

Clicking the pie chart allows you to drill down into the fields and look at task individually.

We’ve also included two bars beneath the pie chart which show how many tasks you and your team have in total as well as how many are overdue.

Search Completed and Closed Tasks

Search Completed and Closed Tasks

Upload company and individual staff documentation into organised folders with role-based access. Allow employees to sign contracts and other documentation electronically. Ensure company-wide accountability.

The ‘filing cabinet’ feature enables you to set up default documentation for new staff and onboard them quickly and efficiently.

Sub-features include document type management and default folder management. You can set employment contracts as standard, so version control is easy.


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