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DotActiv Team May 25, 2020 3:45:15 PM 4 min read

DotActiv Was And Still Is: Effects Of Lockdown On DotActiv's Culture

DotActiv's Culture

Working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown has definitely been an adjustment for the DotActiv family. We are fortunate enough to still be working during this pandemic (as many of our clients form part of the ‘essential services’). But we have had to adapt to a remote-work model. That has had an obvious effect on how our company approaches business.

But there is more to it. The lockdown has affected DotActiv’s culture too.

In some ways, it was an initial challenge. Like any other business working from home, we had to adjust to a new norm. That meant finding a new office space at home. For some, it also meant looking after their kids while still working 8 hours a day and for most, it was mastering the conscious mind shift of ‘I am now at work’ vs ‘I am now at home’.

We felt as though we had to ‘up our game’ and visibility for our customers, even though we couldn’t physically be there for them. We also quickly had to refine our online meeting etiquette (like putting your mic on mute when the dog is barking) since our video calls became part of our daily interactions with more participants than we were used to before.

However, in some ways, we’ve also felt stronger and more connected since working from home. Knowing that we are keeping afloat during this storm gives us the strength and motivation to move forward. Space planners (that were previously based at our clients’ head offices) now have daily check-ins with their account managers rather than on a weekly/monthly basis. ‘Wellness Wednesdays’, as well as monthly charades on the Houseparty app, have become a thing amongst some teams of the DotActiv family to keep the spirit and camaraderie alive.

When you think about it, a company’s culture (together with its values) should remain constant when circumstances within the company change. It can be explained by a simple analogy: a person’s personality doesn’t change when they move or change something in their environment. 

It was interesting to find that DotActiv’s culture didn’t change drastically or negatively as a result of social isolation. If anything, it has heightened some of our prime cultural elements (as discussed in this article).

Let’s see how DotActiv’s culture has been enhanced as a result of the lockdown: 

DotActiv was (and still is) people-oriented

Since lockdown, we continue to make a conscious effort to have regular check-ins with our teams and their mental wellbeing during social isolation. We also started with online challenges, whether it is remaining active or growing something in your garden.

DotActiv was (and still is) performance-driven

During these uncertain times, we have embraced our ability to continue work throughout the lockdown by ensuring that our current clients, potential clients, and staff receive the attention that they deserve.

This may include weekly reports of work that has been completed for our clients, offering our Team Management system (Activ8) for free for the first 20 users to assist companies in adopting the remote model, as well as ensuring that our management initiatives are adapted accordingly to ensure long-term customer and employee retention.

DotActiv had (and still has) an open-door policy

DotActiv has always encouraged open communication and regular feedback, but now even more so. 

Before lockdown, we might not have realised how often we communicate and how much a quick hello in the office meant when walking to the coffee station. The fact that we now need to mark our calendars for regular check-ins/video meetings and need to type a message in order to ‘talk,’ has definitely highlighted our need to stay in touch.

Another positive is that since we all have access to video calls, we are now able to have one big Friday Huddle where everyone in the company can join, rather than having separate huddles. This means that we get to see everyone’s faces and interact with colleagues whom we wouldn’t normally interact with. 

If this lockdown has taught us anything, it is that nothing should be taken for granted and by keeping up with the times (i.e making sure our technology platforms are geared for remote working) we can stay in contact. While it doesn't take away the need for human interaction, it sure does make it a lot easier.

Lastly, our CMO makes it a priority to communicate to the company each time there has been a national address, by explaining how the new information will affect the company and our day-to-day activities.

DotActiv was (and still is) team-oriented

It goes without saying that working remotely requires a certain amount of interdependence, team dynamics, management and most importantly, trust. The dedication and commitment of each team member have contributed to how the company performs at this point in time. 

Our teams have managed to adapt well and have continued to make valuable contributions to our clients, almost without even skipping a beat.

DotActiv was, still is and always will be a family

One of the things that set DotActiv apart as a company is that we see each other as friends and family. At the end of the day, we remain people: People who care about each other and support one another. People who like to banter and who enjoy being in each other's presence. Lastly, people who have made a conscious effort to stay connected, even during social isolation.


Although we had to make initial adjustments as a result of lockdown, we are slowly but surely settling into the new norm. For the time being, we make a conscious effort to stay in touch and support one another. We also continue to strive to deliver the best quality to our customers, just like we used to before lockdown.

*This article was updated on 22 May 2020 for relevance


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