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DotActiv Academy - Advanced Retail Training

What is Dotactiv Academy?

DotActiv Academy is DotActiv’s education portal where you can learn about all things retail and category management. From product placement and pricing strategies to merchandising techniques and the category management process, its there.

More than that, DotActiv Academy is also where you can learn about our category management software in detail. Our various courses break down the intricacies of our software into accessible bite-size chunks that makes it easy to understand.

We have also noticed a trend where people prefer to create their own time frame when learning. They don’t want to be rushed or pressured or have to sit in a classroom. With that in mind, we built DotActiv Academy as an entirely self-service online tool. That means you can gain and certify your new knowledge at your own pace.

Once you’ve finished any of the retail courses within DotActiv Academy, which all include completing an assessment, you’ll receive certification.

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Why is DotActiv uniquely able to offer retail training?

In the 20+ years that DotActiv has been offering category management software and services, we’ve worked with many leading retailers and suppliers from across the world.

During that time, we’ve gathered valuable insights into how to improve not only in-store experiences but also overall store performance. Also, we don’t want to keep this information to ourselves; we want to share.

Considering that category management can come across as a complex topic, we also want to be part of the drive to educate the retail industry and show it’s not as daunting as you may think.

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Software Training

To get the most out of DotActiv’s software, you need to learn everything there is to know about each and every feature. By the time you have completed all 6 mastery levels,  you’ll be completely confident in your ability to implement category management best practices using DotActiv’s leading software.

You will also get an understanding of the core theory behind each section of the software. That means that no matter if you have an internal retail space planning team or outsource the function, you'll benefit.

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DotActiv Software Mastery Levels

Here’s a brief overview of our Software Mastery Levels 1 to 6:

  • Mastery Level 1: Data. Analytically evaluate data to design product assortments, planograms, and floor plans.
  • Mastery Level 2: Clustering. Characterise clustering and implement the methodology.
  • Mastery Level 3: Assortment planning. Implement assortment plans so that you can build profitable product ranges.
  • Mastery Level 4: Planograms. Learn how to design and critique planograms.
  • Mastery Level 5: Floor planning. Understand the value of floor plans as well as the information required to create one.
  • Mastery Level 6: Analysis. Analyse and interpret your retail data before and after planograms.

DotActiv Enterprise holders receive access to everything DotActiv Academy has to offer. Meanwhile, DotActiv Pro and Lite license holders will gain access to DotActiv Mastery Levels 1 to 6. One-on-one training and technical support is also available for all software customers.

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While software training is essential so that you know how to use DotActiv’s software, it’s just as crucial that you learn the theory behind category management too. That's especially true if your want to build a career in retail.

As a side note, we written about what a good retail training course should include. On top of that, we've also written about why retail training is a must, both for suppliers and retailers.

Listed below are our courses that are currently available. New courses are continuously added.

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  • Introduction to Retail

This short course gives you a thorough introduction to retail with a specific focus on product planning and pricing design.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to, among other things, classify the various types of brands; identify factors considered before pricing; and discuss the primary considerations when placing stock on the shelf.


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  • Merchandising and Display Techniques

This short course teaches you the basics of merchandising, best practices for the placement of products on shelves, and visual merchandising methods.

By the end of this merchandising course, you’ll be able to, among other things, identify and apply key merchandising principles; and know how to create a visually appealing planogram that captures shoppers’ attention.


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