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Looking for a category management software solution that includes in-depth training to help you and your team to become capable and confident in-house category management specialists?

After booking your free online exploratory consultation, you can expect us to research and evaluate your unique context. We’ll create a personalised agenda to match your business’ interests, goals and context.

We’ll reach out to you before your consultation to share your personalised agenda. You’re welcome to request any changes or additional points.

We’ll consult with our internal experts to curate and customise conversation points, content, and the presentation so that it’s in line with your personalised agenda. Depending on the outcome of our consultation, we’ll schedule a separate custom advisory consultation to share our proposed recommendations with you.






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A Social Category Management Community With Learning At It's Core

It’s no secret that category management is a specialised topic. If you don’t have the opportunity to connect and interact with like-minded professionals, there is the potential to feel isolated. We wanted to change that. We wanted to make learning category management a social experience.

And so, we’ve redesigned DotActiv Academy to be less of a learning platform and more of a social community with category management learning at its core.

Powered by new features such as Social Forums, an Interactive Newsfeed and the opportunity to connect with category management professionals, DotActiv Academy offers you all you need to inspire innovative thinking and further your retail career.

And it’s free. There is no cost to you to join the community. No matter where you are in the world, if you’re a retail professional interested in learning about and adding value to the topics of category management, you’re welcome to join.

There’s power in conversation and everyone’s invited.




DotActiv Academy Newsfeed


Category Management no longer needs to be something done in isolation.

Be inspired by a digestible newsfeed with the latest category management debates, connections, posts, comments and more, all in real-time.

Get Inspired With A Digestible Newsfeed
DotActiv Academy Social Forums


Category Management learning has gone social and it's time to join the conversation.

Post questions and ideas and join the latest debates around any category management topic or feature. With Forums, you can connect with liked-minded category management professionals from across the world.

Join The Conversation

Connections & Inbox

Want to connect with like-minded category management professionals and pick their brains? Need assistance with a project?

DotActiv Academy allows you to connect with other members and have one-on-one conversations with them away from forums. 

Connect With Like-Minded Professionals

Free Access To Software Training

To get the most out of DotActiv’s software, you need to learn everything there is to know about each and every feature. By the time you have completed all 6 mastery levels,  you’ll be completely confident in your ability to implement category management best practices using DotActiv’s leading software.

You will also get an understanding of the core theory behind each section of the software. That means that no matter if you have an internal retail space planning team or outsource the function, you'll benefit.

All six of DotActiv's software mastery levels are free to access to anyone who registers an account on DotActiv Academy. 

DotActiv Software Mastery Levels

DotActiv Software Mastery Levels

Here’s a brief overview of our Software Mastery Levels 1 to 6:

Mastery Level 1: Data. Analytically evaluate data to design product assortments, planograms, and floor plans.
Mastery Level 2: Clustering. Characterise clustering and implement the methodology.
Mastery Level 3: Assortment planning. Implement assortment plans so that you can build profitable product ranges.
Mastery Level 4: Planograms. Learn how to design and critique planograms.
Mastery Level 5: Floor planning. Understand the value of floor plans as well as the information required to create one.
Mastery Level 6: Analysis. Analyse and interpret your retail data before and after planograms.

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DotActiv Academy Theory Training

Theory Training

While software training is essential so that you know how to use DotActiv’s software, it’s just as crucial that you learn the theory behind category management too. That's especially true if your want to build a career in retail.

As a side note, we written about what a good retail training course should include. On top of that, we've also written about why retail training is a must, both for suppliers and retailers.

Listed below are our courses that are currently available. New courses are continuously added.

DotActiv Academy Introduction To Retail

Introduction to Retail

This short course gives you a thorough introduction to retail with a specific focus on product planning and pricing design.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to, among other things, classify the various types of brands; identify factors considered before pricing; and discuss the primary considerations when placing stock on the shelf.

Get An Introduction To Retail
DotActiv Academy Merchandising & Display Techniques

Merchandising and Display Techniques

This short course teaches you the basics of merchandising, best practices for the placement of products on shelves, and visual merchandising methods.

By the end of this merchandising course, you’ll be able to, among other things, identify and apply key merchandising principles; and know how to create a visually appealing planogram that captures shoppers’ attention.

Learn About Merchandising



Questions asked about DotActiv Academy's Retail Courses

Since officially launching our online education portal, we have fielded many questions about our academy as well as the courses therein. Below, we've unpacked the top 10 questions that we are asked the most.If you can’t find the question below that you want answered, you can get hold of us here.



If you work in the retail industry, then DotActiv Academy and the courses therein are explicitly tailored to meet your needs.

Let’s look at two of our retail courses as an example.

The first is an Introduction to Retail which focuses on both product planning and pricing design. In this short course, you’ll get to grips with the different factors you need to consider when placing stock on the shelf. That means its perfect for you if you’re involved in the shaping or planning of the in-store shopping experience.

Meanwhile, if you’re a merchandiser who needs to brush up on your merchandising knowledge, our second course is for you.

Once you’ve completed our Advanced Merchandising and Display Techniques short course, you’ll have a good understanding of the merchandising principles and various methods available to you. More importantly, you’ll know what it takes to create visually appealing planograms that attract and capture the attention of shoppers.

The answer for any DotActiv Academy course is a resounding ‘No’. It's the same for joining DotActiv Academy to contribute to the conversation around category management.

If you’re interested in enrolling or are a retail professional, you're welcome to join.

We go so far as to say that you don’t even need to be working in the retail industry to enrol. Of course, we would insist that you are interested in retail or are about to join the retail sector.

After all, the last thing we’d want you to do is to enrol in one of our retail courses or join DotActiv Academy and then not use your new-found knowledge for it’s intended purpose. 

When we first thought of DotActiv Academy and decided to make it part of our core business, we came across a trend around modern-day studying. This trend indicated that learners prefer to study at their own pace. In other words, they want to create their time frame and not feel rushed or under any unnecessary pressure.

With this knowledge in mind, we set about creating our course materials. On top of that, we debated how best to present them. And, we soon realised that only one route made sense. That's if we wanted to cater to today’s learners and their busy lifestyles.

Thus, when enrolling in any of our courses, you’ll receive the materials as online videos that you can watch whenever you want. You’ll also receive supplementary course material in the form of downloadable PDF’s that you can store and keep.

You can complete our retail courses in any order that you wish. It’s more important that you choose the one that suits your learning priorities and is in line with your role.

If you’re a licensed user of DotActiv software and you complete our Software Mastery courses, which detail how best to use the software, we would recommend you complete them in order. That’s because doing them in a particular sequence will allow you to not only understand the software quicker but get up and running sooner too.

Besides the retail course information that you’ll find on our online store - which you can view here - there is currently no available option to get a preview before you purchase. But don’t let that put you off.

Considering our retail experience, which spans over 20 years, and our drive to maintain a reputation as a leading category management solution and retail training provider, we’ve ensured that any content within a course matches industry standards.

You can, of course, contact our Sales Department should you have any questions about a specific retail programme that we offer through DotActiv Academy.

That’s not to say that we won’t consider creating introductory videos or something similar in the future. The beauty of an online course is that its ever-evolving, both with regards to content, and the way we present it.

Once you register a free account on DotActiv Academy, you will receive free access to all six our software mastery level course.

Immediately. Once you’ve purchased a retail course from DotActiv Academy and your payment has cleared, you’ll receive a system generated email from us thanking you for your purchase.

Included in this email will be a link, which gives you immediate access to DotActiv Academy. By clicking on the provided link, you’ll be directed to your profile where you’ll find your course already loaded and waiting for you.

Once you’ve logged in, you can get started with your course at any time.

Put some clear and concise content in here. Keep your reader in mind. What are they trying to do? What are they hoping to learn? Why are they reading this? Help them out and use the tone and voice of your organization.

There are many courses that you’ll find both offline and online that includes a time deadline. If you don’t finish them within a specified period, you can’t complete it. That can be frustrating, and especially so if you have other responsibilities and can’t complete it in a time frame that’s dictated to you.

But that’s not what you’ll get if you enrol with DotActiv Academy.

Once you’ve purchased one of our courses, you can complete it at your own pace. A typical course should take you two hours to complete, excluding the final test you must write.

Just because you’ve finished a course that doesn’t mean we then stop you from accessing any of the course materials.

Instead, any course that you have completed remains on your profile. And there are two good reasons why we’ve structured it as such.

The first reason is that we continually revise and refresh our courses with new material and updated videos. This is at no additional cost to you. Once you’ve purchased a course, you’ll have access to these updates.

The second reason is that you may want to recap any information that you might have learnt but forgotten. If you want to rewatch a product placement video found within our Introduction to Retail course, for example, you can do that.

Yes. Upon completion, an official certificate with your name on it is sent to you, stating which course you’ve passed.

Please note, the passing grade for any test through DotActiv Academy is 70%. If you don’t pass it on your first attempt, you can retake the test immediately. If you fail it for a second time, you will have to wait 24 hours before retaking it.

There are two answers to this question.

As it currently stands, DotActiv Academy hosts two specific retail short courses - Introduction to Retail and Advanced Merchandising and Display Techniques.

But we aren’t going to stop there. We have plans to unveil more retail courses every year. These courses will also be updated continuously to ensure that what you’re learning through DotActiv Academy always matches industry standards.

There is also the Software Mastery Levels 1 to 6, which focus exclusively on the DotActiv software for our clients. These are also continuously updated as our software improves and evolves to meet our client’s needs.















Drive category growth and improve store space efficiency with DotActiv’s category management software.
Automate the creation of planograms and create powerful data-driven floor plans for your stores.
Create assortment plans that are more attractive to local shoppers while improving the profitability and efficiency of your categories.
Create powerfully actionable category reviews and dashboards customizable to your needs.
Become capable and confident in-house category management specialists with our online courses and training
Learn everything there is to know about data integration and how DotActiv approaches it.