Why We Created The DotActiv PowerBase

We created DotActiv PowerBase to share knowledge with the world so that anyone who is inspired to do great work with DotActiv’s products and services is empowered to do so without any holdups. PowerBase is the official DotActiv knowledgebase where you can search for quick answers to specific questions you have about how to make the most of DotActiv products and services.



Learn Every Aspect of Your DotActiv Software

Now you can learn every aspect of your DotActiv Software with DotActiv Academy. You can also certify the knowledge you've gained and earned. All license holders of get access.



Want More Support Options?

If you need more support over and above videos and user guides please choose from the options below and our team will assist you as soon as possible:



Create a Support Ticket

Interact with our support team using your own support portal. Login to Activ8 and create a support ticket and one of our technical support staff will be assigned to your case. 


How Are We Doing?

By sharing your feedback, you're helping us understand what matters most to you which means we can focus our efforts and provide a better experience. It won't take you more than a minute or two.






Planogram Ebook

We put some handy tips and guidelines together to help you create planograms that will improve both in-store performance and customer experience.






Merchandising Ebook

Learn about 6 merchandising strategies that will improve the performance of your stores.


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