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DotActiv Food Lover's Market Case Study
DotActiv TeamDec 18, 2018 8:00:00 AM1 min read

[Video] Food Lover's Market Case Study


Food Lover’s Market is a fresh produce and groceries retailer with over 128 stores. They have also been a client of DotActiv’s since 2014. During this time, they've made use of our category management software, with an emphasis on data-driven planogram generation. We set out to prove the effectiveness of implementing data-driven planograms by focusing on their Oils category.

Following our work with the fresh produce and groceries retailer on their Oils category, we were able to ease category congestion and even out days of supply for each product.

In the case study, we unpack the challenge that Food Lover's Market faced with their Oils category, the solution we were able to provide them, and the results of implementing data-driven planograms. 

After analyzing the data, we could show that we increased the average sales and unit movement for this category by 147% and 157% respectively. 

We also explain how implementing data-driven planograms contributed to the overall improvement of the category. 


Download the Food Lover's Market Case Study for free here



With DotActiv's help, Food Lover's Market saw a significant increase in average sales and unit movement of their Oils category. Are you looking for a category management solution that can provide you with such an increase? We want to help you.

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