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LeAnn Groenewald Nov 2, 2021 11:45:00 AM 4 min read

PowerBase Updates For October 2021: What’s Updated

PowerBase Updates For October 2021

As we approach the second last month of 2021, we continue to bring you updated articles on the DotActiv PowerBase. During the month of October, we have updated five articles. 

If you would like to read past articles on what we’ve added or updated on the DotActiv PowerBase, you can browse through those PowerBase summaries here. You can also read about why we introduced the DotActiv PowerBase here.

Updated Articles on the DotActiv PowerBase - October 2021

Updated articles on the DotActiv PowerBase

How To Read The Range Optimizer Results Grid

Range Optimizer is used to optimise a range based on certain variables or rules. These rules allow the DotActiv software to suggest a new range.

Once you’ve created a new range plan within the Range Optimizer function, you will be presented with the Range Optimizer results grid. Within the range optimizer results grid, you can view relevant clone information for new products. Product clones can be used when you have new products in your database with no sales data.

To ensure that the Range Optimizer doesn’t recommend delisting the products based on ‘poor performance’, you can use cloning to assign the sales data of a similar or substitute product to the new listing for a period. The product clone feature will find the closest top-performing substitute for the new product and recommend this as the clone.

We recently updated this article to include a more detailed description of clones. To learn more about the Range Optimizer results grid, read this article here.

How To Set Up, Update And Maintain Clusters

This in-depth article will assist anyone to set up, update and maintain store or category-based clusters using the Cluster Maintenance feature in the DotActiv software. 

You have the option to edit or update a cluster plan once it has been generated. 

When you want to update a cluster plan, you can double-click on the section that you would like to edit and input the new information. This section will appear in red until the cluster plan is updated to the database or the cluster has been saved.

For example, if you are changing the number of drops allocated to a certain store, you can click on the relevant box and type in the new value. The updated value will appear in red until the cluster plan is updated to the database or the cluster has been saved.

This article now includes the tag, ‘Allocating Drops’, as you are able to do so when updating and maintaining your clusters. 

Read more about How To Set Up, Update and Maintain Clusters here.

How To Convert Planograms To And From PSA's To FLPs And ICPs

If you have created a planogram in a space planning software other than the DotActiv software, you can still open this planogram in the DotActiv software if you want. With the DotActiv software, you have the option to import PSA, ICP, PFA and PLN files. 

We recently updated this article by adding ‘Import .PSA’ as a tag. This will make the article easier to find when you are searching for an article that unpacks how you can open a planogram that is in PSA format within the DotActiv software.

Learn more about how you can convert planograms to and from different file formats while working in the DotActiv software in this article.

What Are The Software And Hardware Requirements To Run DotActiv’s Software?

There are certain software and hardware requirements that you need to meet to ensure that you can install the DotActiv software on your device and run it smoothly.

Based on a null search result found on the PowerBase, we have recently updated this article with the tag, ‘Hardware Recommendation’. 

Do you need to install the DotActiv software on your device? Read more about the requirements to run DotActiv’s software in this article

How To Use The ‘Batch’ Function In The DotActiv Software

In this article, we unpack the different features of the ‘Batch’ function within the DotActiv software. In some instances, you may need to remove products or update fields for multiple planograms all at once. 

With this user-friendly function, you can remove products; replace products; update key values or update the market, product, fact and period fields on multiple planograms at the same time.

When users are searching for an article that unpacks how they can make multiple updates at the same time, we have made this one easier to find by changing the tag ‘Batch Update' to 'Batch Updates'.

If you would like to know more about this function, read this article here.


The DotActiv PowerBase provides you with quick answers to specific questions about how to make the most of DotActiv’s products and services. If you come across an article that doesn’t answer a question to your satisfaction, please leave a comment on the article. It’s entirely anonymous and will help us to help you get the answers you deserve.


LeAnn Groenewald

LeAnn Groenewald joined DotActiv in 2020. As our in-house training specialist, she oversees the running of the DotActiv Academy, develops training material and manages and maintains the DotActiv PowerBase. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch.