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DotActiv Team

The DotActiv team comprises category management experts lending their retail experience and knowledge to create well-researched and in-depth articles.

Blog Post by DotActiv Team

DotActiv TeamFeb 14, 2023 5:57:42 PM6 min read

Software Spotlight: Unpacking DotActiv’s Planogram Highlights Function

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DotActiv TeamJan 18, 2023 10:44:16 AM6 min read

6 Practical And Financial Benefits Of Category Management

If you work in retail, you’ve likely come across the argument that investing in a ...
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DotActiv TeamNov 3, 2022 7:01:24 PM7 min read

5 Ways Brands Get Their Products Positioned At Eye Level

Are you looking for the best position on a retail shelf for your products? Then you can't ...
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DotActiv TeamOct 27, 2022 4:28:25 PM9 min read

How Suppliers Increase Retail Sales With Planograms

Are you a supplier intent on improving your relationship with your retail clients? Then ...
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DotActiv TeamOct 20, 2022 5:28:19 PM7 min read

5 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Gondola Ends

We know this: it's your goal as a retailer to maximise your sales per square metre. You ...
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DotActiv TeamOct 13, 2022 4:30:35 PM6 min read

4 Ways to Prepare For Your Next Category Review

  The thought of a category review presentation* to a retail buyer can have you sweating ...
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DotActiv TeamOct 11, 2022 3:44:07 PM10 min read

4 Category Management Tools You Need To Merchandise Like A Pro

  Effective merchandising* is about having a good product assortment on sale and ...
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DotActiv TeamSep 29, 2022 6:20:10 PM6 min read

Four Reasons Why Data Is Critical For Merchandise Selection

94 zettabytes. That's how much data experts predict humans will produce and consume by ...
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DotActiv TeamSep 22, 2022 11:19:36 AM8 min read

5 Ways To Use Space Planning To Convince Shoppers To Buy More

Have you ever walked into a store and felt like an unseen force* was guiding you in a ...
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DotActiv TeamSep 13, 2022 4:37:13 PM8 min read

5 Essentials For Your Macro Space Planning Strategy

Setting up your store impacts how your customers shop and spend money, which is why you ...
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