all in one category management software

Get everything you and your team needs to become capable and confident in-house category management specialists. We provide the software, training, support and data integration service. 

  • Online Training and Certifications
  • One-on-one Training 
  • Assortment Planning
  • Planogram Automation
  • Floor Planning
  • Retail Analytics
  • 24 Hour Technical Support 

drive category growth and improve store space efficiency with best of breed category management software and extensive training and support. 

Leading retailers and suppliers use DotActiv to get a better return on shelf space and inventory through automated data-driven planogram generation, localised assortments and floor plans. Not sure that you or your team can do any of this? No problem - with DotActiv Academy and personalised one-on-one training we ensure that you and your team will be confident and capable in-house category management specialists.  
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powerfully integrated Features

A seamless flow of information from one interdependent category management feature to the next makes crafting rich in-store experiences easier than ever. 

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Advanced Retail Analytics

With DotActiv you can build your own data visualisations and dashboards, or you can take advantage of our pre-built reports. If you want to get advanced by connecting to and reporting on multiple databases you can do just that. Your users will get all of this without the need for advanced technical skills or prior experience - DotActiv Academy will teach you how.

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Localised Assortment Planning

Give local shoppers the products they want and when they want them by creating intelligent assortments. With DotActiv, users create customised data-driven assortments that enhance performance while pleasing local shoppers. Not sure where to begin? DotActiv Academy has you covered.

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Floor Planning

Reduce shopper traffic/congestion hotspots during peak hours and create logical category flows so your shoppers enjoy every store visit. Use heat-mapping features to create strategic floor plans that draw shoppers through your stores and increase basket sizes. 

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Choose a Plan That Suits Your Business

Whether you have less than ten stores or over 200 stores, we've got you covered. Get started with DotActiv Lite, get going with DotActiv Pro or get serious with DotActiv Enterprise. See our plans and pricing here

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Store Cluster Management

Manage clusters at store or category level to reduce workload for your users and to improve the effectiveness of your category management across more stores. Managing store clusters also helps users to create localised product assortments. DotActiv Academy will enable you to understand and implement cluster management in DotActiv.

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Planogram Automation

Use powerful but user friendly planogram automation software to create data-driven product layouts in seconds. Stay in control by choosing how you would like your planograms to be automated and ensure that your merchandising strategies are reflecting in your planograms.  

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High Definition User Interface

DotActiv is the only product of its type that offers this much attention to user experience and detail. For users who have high definition screens, DotActiv switches its entire iconography set to High Definition.

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All The Support Your Team Will Need

Powerful software is only powerful when users get the support and training they need to succeed. Our support team and DotActiv Academy will be at your user's side every step of the way.  


editions of dotactiv software is used by retail brands from all corners of the world

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