planogram communication software

Get Planograms Implemented

StoreCom is a simple app that bridges the communication gap between head offices and stores to get planograms implemented. 

planogram communication software

get planograms to stores and be confident that they will be implemented. 

We integrated StoreCom with CatMan Enterprise so store users can easily access and implement new and updated planograms the moment they're ready.

  • planogram communication software

simple features. powerful results.

No more print outs, loose emails and making a plan to get your planograms implemented. StoreCom automatically fetches and sends new and updated planograms to store users for you.
Planograms Sent to Stores Automatically

StoreCom integrates with CatMan Enterprise enabling it to automatically send new and updated planograms to relevant store users for implementation. 

Custom Questionnaires 

Create simple or complex questionnaires for your users to answer in less time. This feature helps retail managers get accurate information from and about stores faster and cheaper. 

Store Promotion Planning Add-on

Selling promotional space to suppliers? StoreCom's promotion planning add-on module will help you with ever aspect of this process. Learn more about the add on here. 

Web or Mobile

Users can access StoreCom from Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Users can also access and send implementation information for new and updated planograms from their Android Mobile Devices.

You can host, or we can. 

Every retailer has a different set of requirements and circumstances so you can host StoreCom on your own servers or we can host the solution for you. Either way, the choice is yours. 

Works with Limited Internet Access

Not all stores have fast internet so we designed StoreCom to be fully functional and reliable at stores with slow internet. 

planogram communication software

what you'll gain from implementing storecom


> Faster and more accurate planogram implementation

> Automate planogram communication

> Get planogram compliance reports


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planogram communication software

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