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Get Access To DotActiv Free Planogram Templates
Darren GilbertJun 30, 2022 11:51:23 AM4 min read

Software Spotlight: Get Access To DotActiv Free Planogram Templates

We understand the logic all too well. Before you purchase anything, you want to test it to see if it fits your needs. Does it match your expectations? That goes for almost every retail item and product, from considerable investments like a new car to smaller buys like a pair of jeans or shoes. For good measure, we're adding specialist software solutions to the mix. And with good reason too.

If you want to understand just how much of a good fit DotActiv's category management software is for you, it makes sense to test it out first. Give our free 14-day trial or DotActiv Free offering and try and see for yourself! 

We recommend the latter - In the case of DotActiv Free, we provide you with various planogram template bundles that you can use to test out the software's functionality.

What is DotActiv Free

What is DotActiv Free?

Before we unpack the planogram templates that you can access for DotActiv Free, it's worth stepping back and explaining what this software is all about. 

If you already know all about DotActiv Free, you're more than welcome to skip to the last section here where we show you how to access the planogram template bundles.


DotActiv Free is a planogram-generating software without the cost. With it, you get an introduction to the basic concepts of planogram generation and how to create data-driven planograms.


As for its purpose, that’s straightforward - we launched DotActiv Free in 2018. 

Back then, the goal was to allow retailers and suppliers (and anyone else interested in retail) to explore category management concepts without obligation or excessive upfront payment. That's still true to this very day, as evidenced by the frequent daily downloads we still enjoy.

We want to transform the way you see category management and use it to improve store performance while also helping you improve the overall shopping experience.

Unpacking the DotActiv Free Planogram Templates

Unpacking DotActiv Free's Planogram Templates

Introducing free planogram-generating software is all good and well. It's given us the opportunity to provide you with the ability to test out the capabilities of DotActiv software without the cost. However, the software is only part of the deal.

There are also planogram template bundles that you can access and use. 

To help you navigate the software, we also include detailed instructions on how best to use these templates.


Looking to test out DotActiv software before you buy it? Download DotActiv Free today and you’ll be creating data-driven planograms in no time.


It's worth pointing out that these planogram templates aren't new - we introduced them when we launched DotActiv Free. You could also download them separately if you wanted to do that. 

However, since the initial launch, we have had to make a few changes. That means how you accessed them in the past - usually through our Resources page or by filling in a pop-up form - has changed. 

Today, it’s much easier to access them so that you can begin testing DotActiv software in no time.

How To Access the DotActiv Free Planogram Templates

How to get access to DotActiv Free's Planogram Templates

As we mentioned above, in the past, you could access the planogram template bundles for DotActiv Free through our Resources page primarily.

That’s no longer the case. Instead of that, you can now access the bundles via the DotActiv Academy.

Here’s another good bit of news: it's free to register on DotActiv Academy too.


Register for the DotActiv Academy here and get access to the planogram template bundles!


So let’s say you’ve clicked on the above link and registered on the DotActiv Academy. Or you registered before. Now what? How do you access these bundles?

The process is simple.

After logging onto the DotActiv Academy, you’ll find a list of menu options in the left-hand bar. One of these will be Courses. Within this section, you’ll find a list of all of the free courses we have on offer, including the DotActiv Free Planogram Templates course.

DotActiv Free Planogram Templates Are On The DotActiv Academy

By clicking on this course, you’ll get access to all 10 lessons.

We recommend that you follow the lessons chronologically to fully understand how to use DotActiv Free.

Within each lesson, we provide you with a bumble, which includes:

  • A file with all the product images;
  • A planogram file (.flp) with sales and units data; and 
  • A planogram automation template file (.dpa).


The first lesson covers how to save and insert your images, open the software and generate your planogram.


Remember! Before accessing the templates, download DotActiv Free if you haven’t done so already.


Please note that each lesson has a different planogram template bundle. While you certainly can use one bundle throughout, it's worth testing out the capability of DotActiv software using the different planogram bundles first.


Using planogram software is a must if you want to experience short- and long-term retail success. Of course, the software you use must be flexible enough to help you reach your specific goals and objectives.

If you’d like to explore DotActiv Free, you can watch the training videos here. Looking for a more robust solution for your retail business? Book a complimentary exploratory session with a DotActiv expert today and we’ll show you how our software can help you achieve your goals.


Darren Gilbert

Darren Gilbert joined in 2017 and is the content manager. He has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Stellenbosch.