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DotActiv’s Task Management Software Boosts Team Accountability. Here’s How:


With DotActiv’s Task Management Software, you can create tasks, give full descriptions of what each job entails and ensure its completion on time by setting deadlines. That makes it a powerful tool for ensuring work gets done and enabling your teams to be more accountable. It also fits nicely into the Tripod of Work.

A management model which emerged decades ago, the Tripod of Work explains that a leader creates optimal conditions for decision-making through the key activities of Tasking, Trusting and Tending. DotActiv’s Task Management Software directly contributes to the Tripod of Work by creating optimal conditions for your teams to perform.

In short, with it, you offer your teams a platform to improve their self-management, understand what you expect of them and have full transparency in how you measure their performance.

This blog unpacks DotActiv’s Task Management Software, what the Tripod of Work entails and how DotActiv’s Task Management Software contributes to the Tripod of Work.

Task Management SoftwareUsing DotActiv’s Task Management Software

Performance Metrics

DotActiv’s Task Management Software has many functions available to you as a retailer. Your teams each have a dashboard unique to their role which displays their statistics, including tasks completed on time and tasks completed first time.

You can also set acceptable scores for each of these performance metrics.

For example, you can determine that 90% or above is an acceptable score for tasks to be completed on time by your team. If so, their dashboards are highlighted in green when their scores are above this predetermined range. As soon as scores drop below 90%, their dashboards change to red.

From your team’s perspective, it is clear as to what is considered acceptable in terms of task deadlines. Teams can also view their statistics against the company average. That improves transparency and allows your team to determine how well they perform in comparison to their colleagues.

Creating Tasks

Creating a new task is a simple process and involves completing a few essential task fields as seen in the GIF below.

Creating a new task

Once created, the task automatically notifies the assigned user who needs to acknowledge it. The assigned user will then need to complete the task within your chosen deadline, after which they can mark the task as complete. Once completed, the person who created the task can mark the task as closed if they’re satisfied with the work.

If your task involves many different items or requires input from multiple people, it is also possible to create a checklist. For example, when we write any blog article, there are many different tasks to complete. We first need to develop the structure of the piece, then create questions and sent them to the appropriate experts, write the draft based on the answers, do the final editing and then publish the article. The checklist items lists who should complete each step and by when.

You can also set recurring tasks. For example, if every Tuesday one of your team members are responsible for completing a report, you could log a recurring task that notifies them to complete that report every Tuesday.

Activ8 -Content 1-01

Task History

To further support team accountability, we developed the task history function within DotAcitv’s Task Management Software. This function allows transparency of all events that occurred during the lifespan of a task. Status movement, as well as changes to the specifics of the task, are all captured and displayed to ensure responsibility as seen in the GIF below.

Task History

Project Planning

Another function worth mentioning when discussing DotActiv’s Task Management Software is the Project Planning function.

This function enables you to create a collection of multiple tasks to achieve a specific goal within a set time. You can individually assign these tasks, placed them into milestones and link them to ensure work progresses timeously to meet all goals by the end of the project. Projects also allow you to capture many supporting details including budgets, resources, relevant documents and notes.

Tripod of WorkWhat is the Tripod of Work?

The Tripod of Work is a management model that describes a way of creating and sustaining optimal conditions for individuals to perform at work.

The Tripod of Work involves three activities: Tasking, Tending and Trusting. The model explains that if all three of these activities are in balance, there are beneficial outcomes.


Tasking is the process of establishing intended outcomes and time-scales for completion. Leaders task individuals with deliverables, expecting them to deliver accordingly. Tasking enables you to define the limits for judgement and establish criteria for review.


Trusting involves entrusting people with the responsibility to use their judgement to achieve the expected outputs. Trusting ensures that your team sustain a belief that their work is essential and that you value them.


Tending ensures that any assigned work is still relevant, you use appropriate resources, and that there is clear communication. When there are significant changes in the environment, you equip your team to respond to these changes.

In summary, your team need to remain aware of what you expect of them (tasking), exercise their judgement to be able to feel they have completed their work well (trusting) and have the right resources to complete the tasks required of them (tending).

Task Management SoftwareDotActiv’s Task Management Software and the Tripod of Work

It is clear that the Tripod of Work is a proven practice for creating a positive work culture. By focusing on Tasking, Trusting and Tending, you can empower your teams.

So how do you go about implementing the Tripod of Work? The answer is simple.

DotActiv’s Task Management Software allows you to create tasks for your teams so that you can communicate the intended outcomes, teams have an increased sense of responsibility, and you have established performance criteria.

Instead of feeling micromanaged, you empower your teams to be accountable. They will have a clear understanding of what tasks they must complete to be successful. Moreover, your managers will have a good knowledge of existing and upcoming workloads so they can plan accordingly.

At DotActiv, all our teams use the Task Management Software daily. In this sense, we ensure clear communication across all of our departments and locations. It has also been one of the contributing factors to helping DotActiv grow and maintain a positive work culture.


DotActiv’s Task Management Software is available within Activ8. If you’re interested in pursuing a culture of transparency, accountability and high levels of work ethic, then Activ8 is for you. Learn more by scheduling a demo below: 

Taryn Morton

Sales and Marketing Consultant

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