DotActiv Data Integration FAQs Testing 33
Can DotActiv assist you to ensure the server and data feeds are stable and accurate?

As the server is in your environment, it is your responsibility to ensure it is both stable and accurate.

You must ensure your data feeds are stable and accurate as DotActiv does not manage your scripts.

We explain Data Feeds here.

You must also be aware of your timings. For example, if you know you script your data on the fourth of every month, you should know that something is wrong if you don't see new data coming through on the fifth.

You should then contact your IT department to find out if the data did run as expected. If the data didn't run, you could contact DotActiv to investigate the issue.

If you are unsure of where the problem lies, DotActiv can assist. At the least, DotActiv can point you in the right direction.

For example, DotActiv can check if there is a new data file or not. If not, you must contact your IT department.