Book Your Custom Exploratory Consultation

Every retail business is unique. That's why an exploratory consultation makes sense. It helps us to get a better understanding of your business and its needs.

By getting a deeper understanding of your unique context, business objectives and pain points, our internal panel of experts are better positioned to formulate a professional recommendation that will enable you to meet your objectives and drive in-store performance.

We provide all of our professional recommendations in a second and separate advisory consultation complete with a formal business case and proposal that's specific to your needs and objectives.


Reduce the complexity of processing your data and increase its value

Since you can import and export data automatically, DotActiv software helps reduce the complexity of processing your data. By combining your retail space and category management data, you can also extract more value from your data.


Microsoft SQL  Postgre SQL-1

Choose From Microsoft SQL / Postgre SQL

Since DotActiv is built on SQL, we offer scalability. You can choose between Microsoft SQL or Postgre SQL to transfer your retail data from your systems to DotActiv’s data platform.



Add custom data fields

Import data from multiple data sources

Add multiple custom fields to your database on the fly or choose from a bank of pre-built fields. You can also import data from multiple data sources.




Two-Way Database Integration

Two-Way Database Integration

A two-way database integration enables you to harness the power of an accurate, scalable and integrated category management database. Once complete, you'll  have a seamless flow of data to and from our software.



Host your database

Host your database Or let us host

You’re welcome to host your server or if you don’t have the time you can let us host it and maintain it for you. We always maintain strict confidentiality and have multiple data security checks and policies in place.


Data Processing Planogram and Management

Data Processing and Management

Provide us with your retail data in any format and we’ll process it for you. We have dedicated data administrators who will process and manage your data so you can focus on your core business.





"Our UPD partnership with DotActiv in delivering Category Management to our valued customers (pharmacies) yielded positive sales growth across all regions where planograms were implemented in the past year, and we could not have done it without DotActiv support.”


Ryan Conybeare - UPD New Business Development Manager

UPD Testimonial



Proactive Software Account Advisor

We provide all DotActiv Software customers with a dedicated account advisor. Acting as a trusted advisor and category management coach, they’ll manage your day-to-day needs and proactively identify any opportunities to help your business succeed. They’ll also conduct monthly check-ins and quarterly reviews to ensure you reach your category management goals.



24-Hour Technical Support  

Available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, our technical support team strives to make the support process as easy as possible. We have an automated support ticket system built into the software so you can log a ticket whenever you need immediate assistance.





“Pravashnee and Leané both have fantastic work ethic and are extremely professional. They continue to deliver great service to our Commercial Strategy and Planning team at Danone and are invaluable in helping ensure that we provide high quality outputs to the business, on time. Thank you."


Heather Goate - Category Marketing Manager, Commercial Sales & Planning at Danone Southern Africa





Don’t Have Resources Available? Leverage Our Dedicated Category Management Services to Achieve Your Objectives Quickly and Efficiently

With DotActiv’s category management services, you’ll get data-driven category optimisation deployed at record speed through unparalleled expertise and leading software.






Ultra Liquors Corlett Drive Case Study

Ultra Liquors is a hybrid retail/wholesale liquor business with over 60 stores nationwide.








Ultra Liquors Case Study-2