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Organise, plan and control any work projects while also managing any associated risks. Sign up to Activ8 and get free and unlimited access for the first four months. Your first 20 users are free ongoing.

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Looking for a project management software solution that enables you to create, plan and manage any project, no matter the size of scope? Software that will help you capture all relevant information while also managing all associated risks.

After booking your free online exploratory consultation, you can expect us to research and evaluate your unique context. We’ll create a personalised agenda to match your business’ interests, goals and context.

We’ll reach out to you before your consultation to share your personalised agenda. You’re welcome to request any changes or additional points.

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      1. Activ8 Project Management

Organise, Plan And Run Work Projects

At DotActiv, we’re doing everything in our power to help you to take care of your business during this unprecedented time. 

Designed to suit your business’ team management needs, Activ8 has a built in function that helps you to organise, plan and control any work projects while also managing all associated risks. 

Sign up now to get free and unlimited access to Activ8 for the first four months. Your first 20 users are free ongoing.




new project

Create New Projects

Create projects and assign them to the relevant people within your team.

With this function, you can choose a project name, select a project manager and observers as well as a start and end date and the related company. You can also write out the purpose of the project to help better guide your team and include any possible risks associated with the task.

Add a scope and closure template if the project requires it.

Set Up A Project
Project Management

Plan and Manage Projects

No matter the size or scope of the project, plan all the work involved in an easy and straight-forward manner.

Build your projects by creating tasks and giving them set criteria and deadlines. Assign these tasks individually, place them within milestones. And link relevant tasks to ensure the work progresses and you meet all goals by the end of the project.

By using Activ8 to plan and manage your projects, you can reduce the stress and chaos of project management.


Save Projects as Templates

Save Projects as Templates

Save created projects as templates for future use.

If you want to reuse a project plan, simply save it as a template for when you need it.

When beginning your next project, load the template, tweak the details for relevance and you’re good to go. It’s ideal for you if you find yourself needing to create many similar projects at once or you’re busy and need structure.

Save Projects as Templates

Save Checklists to add to Projects

Add checklists to individual tasks in any created project to ensure work progresses as expected.

When building out your project, you can create tasks with checklists that detail each step your team must take to get work completed on time, the first time.

Save Projects as Templates
Manage Additional Project Data

Manage Additional Project Data

Capture and store all supporting information about ongoing projects.

With this feature you can include an overview of the project itself; the resources needed, be that people or equipment-related; the record of expenses and budget, necessary documentation and any notes relevant to the overall project.

There are also scope and closure questionnaires that allow you to measure whether you’ve met the goals of the project.


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Organise, plan and control any work projects while also managing
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