1. Activ8 Expense Management Software

Activ8 Expense Management Software

Built for Retailers, Suppliers and Retail Service Providers. Activ8’s expense management function includes the following features and functionalities:

      1. -    Submit and approve expense claims
      2. -    Submit and accept leave requests
      3. -    Monitor company wide leave with live calendar
      4. -    Credit or debit leave on Ad-hoc basis
      5. -    Track team leave balances
      6. -    Manage work-related travel expenses



Manage and Authorise Travel Claims-1

Submit and Approve Expense Claims

Create projects and assign them to the relevant people within your team.

With this function, you can choose a project name, select a project manager and observers as well as a start and end date and the related company. You can also write out the purpose of the project to help better guide your team and include any possible risks associated with the task.

Add a scope and closure template if the project requires it.

Log An Expense Claim
Submit and Accept Leave Requests

Submit and Accept Leave Requests

Accept leave requests submitted to you by anyone in your team.

When applying for any leave, you must fill out various fields such as leave type, the to and from dates for the leave, and add any notes about the leave. Activ8 automatically calculates the number of work days and non-work days and considers your leave balance.

As a line manager, you can then either accept or reject the leave application. You can also use this feature to submit sick or unexpected leave already taken.

Approve And Decline Leave Applications
Monitor Company Wide Leave With Live Calendar

Monitor Company Wide Leave With Live Calendar

Monitor and keep track of who is off work at any give time with the live leave calendar.

Explore the leave calendar, filtering your search by employee, department, region, leave type, and month. There is also colour-coded legend depicting the various leave types.

Clicking into any leave segment on the calendar of any person enables you to get a snapshot of the leave taken. The additional information includes name, the To and From date for the leave, work days taken as well as any half days if applicable. It also considers non-work days if the leave falls over a weekend.


Credit Or Debit Leave On Ad-hoc Basis

Credit or debit leave to anyone in your business.

If you want to award additional leave to a team member on an ad-hoc basis, use this feature. In the case of debiting leave, it’s for when someone takes leave but doesn’t submit a leave application.

Fields to be filled in for either instance include employee name, leave type, debit or credit, and a from and to date. As with regular leave application, you also need to add a note and attach any necessary files.

Activ8 does the rest, calculating the number of work and non-work days while also considering leave balance.

Alter Employee Leave
Leave and Expense Management

Track Individual And Team Leave Balances

Allow your team members to track and manage their leave balances.

Found in the Leave section under the HR tab, each person in your company can view their leave balance. Information includes past, pending and future leave transactions as well as a summary detailing how many leave they’ve taken and have left.

Activ8 accumulates leave for each person automatically according to their agreed annual leave.

Also linked to the time management function of Activ8, anyone can see who is on leave and whether it’s a full day or half day leave on dashboard.

Manage and Authorise Travel Claims-1

Manage Work-related Travel Expenses

Manage and approve any work-related travel expenses.

If your team travels regularly, they can submit a travel expense claim. When filling in a new expense claim, any team member must include the date of travel, the person authorised to approve the expense as well as the approval document. 

You can save money by approving claims for travel when it occurred. That’s thanks to Activ8’s Android and iOS mobile apps, which enables user tracking through phone GPS.  

Activ8 also calculates any additional kilometres travelled over and above the standard daily travel of team members and pays out the difference.

Log An Expense Claim


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