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Monitor team punctuality and track their locations across your entire business with Activ8. Sign up to Activ8 and get free and unlimited access for the first four months. Your first 20 users are free ongoing.




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Looking for a team management software solution that allows you to monitor team punctuality and track employee locations throughout the day? Software that helps you to assign specific or multiple work locations and manage travel claims?

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Manage Your Teams Across Multiple Locations

At DotActiv, we’re doing everything in our power to help you to take care of your business during this unprecedented time. 

Designed to suit your business’ team management needs, Activ8 has a built in function that helps you to monitor team punctuality and track the locations of your staff across your entire business. 

Sign up now to get free and unlimited access to Activ8 for the first four months. Your first 20 users are free ongoing.





Monitor Staff Punctuality

Monitor Staff Punctuality

Observe and monitor the punctuality of everyone in your retail business.

When logged into Activ8, on your dashboard is a My Stats column with widgets detailing punctuality rate, tasks completed first time and tasks completed on time, all expressed as percentages.

For easy reporting, we’ve colour-coded these widgets so, at a glance, you can discern how often your team arrives on time and when they’re late. You get to decide the punctuality threshold.

You can also compare an individual against the rest of their team or your entire business.

Ensure Completion of Store Visits

Ensure Completion of Store Visits

Schedule and ensure the completion of store visits and tasks for your team.

For visit tasks, include all the details of what you want your team to complete while at a store.

For schedules, decide on the type, be it recurring or once-off, the frequency of the visits - is it weekly, monthly or at the end of the month - as well as which days you want your team to visit.

Activ8’s Android and iOS mobile apps enable user tracking through phone GPS so you can also monitor your team’s location and ensure the completion of any assigned store visits and tasks.

Set Up Store Visit

Ad-Hoc Check-Ins

Approve ad-hoc check-ins requested by your team.

If a team member wants to check-in at an office or store that’s different from their usual work location, they can apply to do so through Activ8.

They need to fill in the submission form, which includes details such as the date for the check-in, the check-in location and time they plan to arrive. It’s ideal for you if your team visits many work locations.

It also applies to any instances where your team wants to arrive at work later than usual. A notes section allows them to explain why they want to check-in late.

Activ8 allows ad-hoc check-ins on a once-off basis.

Apply for Ad-Hoc Check-In
Manage and Authorise Travel Claims

Manage and Authorise Travel Claims

Accept travel claim expenses submitted by your team.

If your team travels amongst stores, they can submit an expense claim. When filing a new expense claim, they must add all the necessary details, including the date of travel and who authorized the trip.

Other details include whom they visited and why as well as the starting location and destination. Activ8 then calculates the additional kilometers traveled over and above their standard daily travel and pays out the difference.

You can also manage other business expense claims through this feature.

Logging an expense claim
Assign Specific or Multiple Work Locations

Assign Specific or Multiple Work Locations

Assign specific work locations to your team and let Activ8 track them.

Linked to the check-in location, with this feature, you can monitor any chosen worksite to ensure your team arrives there on time. You can also assign multiple worksites or companies to team members.

It’s ideal for you if you have a team-based at a client for a few days and at your office for the rest of the week as they can check-in at either location.

On the Activ8 dashboard, find locons of each person in your business showing you where they are at any time during the day.

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