Category Specialists Make Tough Assortment Decisions

As a company that caters to Category Specialists, we understand you base your assortment planning decisions on meeting customers expectations. We also know about the extra pressure of ensuring you always carry a deep enough assortment.

Given that you’re usually larger than the average store, you should have enough floor space to do that. However, you still need to find a balance between stocking enough of those products that sell well and stocking fewer of those that perform poorly. All while remaining the store of choice for a category. 

DotActiv’s software and services will help you create powerful data-driven assortment, space and floor plans to ensure you maintain your role as a Destination store.















Mastermind Toys Chose DotActiv

As Canada’s largest specialty toy and children’s book retailer, Mastermind Toys’ mission includes providing the best toys, games and books, and a safe, fun and inviting shopping experience.

Established in 1984 and trading under Mastermind LP, the toy retail chain operates more than 65 stores in eight provinces across Canada.

If we can cater to the category management needs of Canada’s largest specialty toy retailer, we’re just as capable of meeting your needs too.








0_o0-6o1W1DKmI5LbXAmerica’s Leading Category Management Provider

At DotActiv, we pride ourselves on providing American category specialists with high-quality category management software and services that enhance performance.

If you’re looking to develop data-driven product assortments and store layouts, we have the software and services you need. Learn about our professional category management services here or explore our software editions below.