Clothing Retailers Have Unique Complexities

As a company that caters to clothing retailers, we understand that your buying, assortment and space planning needs are unique because your products are highly seasonal and your fixture types are unique. Your displays need to change frequently and not only are you looking to develop data driven plans but you also need to communicate visually striking merchandise plans to stores.

These unique challenges are no longer reasons to lose out on the performance and efficiency advantages that come with DotActiv's category management solutions. We've got you covered.















Edgars Chose DotActiv

As part of Edcon’s retail division, Edgars is a leading retailer of clothing, footwear, accessories and more in Southern Africa.

Boasting over 200 stores, and history that dates back to 1929, the fashion retailer prides itself on catering to all families searching for fashionable value-for-money clothing.

Edgars turned to DotActiv for a comprehensive category management software and services solution. Let us do the same for you? 









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At DotActiv, we pride ourselves on providing American Clothing retailers with high-quality category management software and services that enhance performance.

If you’re looking to develop data-driven product assortments and store layouts, we have the software and services you need. Learn about our professional category management services here or explore our software editions below.