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Looking for a category management solution that enables you to maximise the potential of your shelf space? A solution that can help make strategic decisions when choosing your products?

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Convenience Retailers Face Store Space Challenges

As a company that caters to Convenience retailers, we understand that your limited store size directly influences your assortment and space planning decisions.

Then there is the challenge of balancing convenience with the right pricing. While you can cater to the convenience of your customers, you sell a limited assortment at higher prices. You need to be strategic when choosing which products to stock.

DotActiv’s software and services will help you to create data-driven assortment and space plans that serve your customers’ needs while maximising the sales of your retail space.












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NightOwl Chose DotActiv

With over 65 stores spread across the east coast of Australia, NightOwl Convenience is a franchised system of convenience stores focused on fresh food and groceries.

The first store was opened in 1975, traded 24/7 and offered an extensive range of traditional supermarket grocery items. 13 years later, the first franchise store opened, a store which still operates today and is loved by its community.

NightOwl turned to DotActiv for a comprehensive category management solution for their convenience stores. Let us do the same for you? 









0_o0-6o1W1DKmI5LbXAmerica’s Leading Category Management Provider

At DotActiv, we pride ourselves on providing American convenience retailers with high-quality category management software and services that enhance performance.

With customers such as Handy Mart and more, we’re making it possible for American convenience retailers to take their in-store experience to the next level.

If you’re looking to develop data-driven product assortments and store layouts, we have the software and services you need. Learn about our professional category management services here or explore our software editions below.